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Countach-authentic or fake??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bludevil12, Nov 8, 2004.

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    There has been some discussion about a Countach I posted in the Showroom, and whether it is authentic. Thought Id bring the debate down here, where you guys really know your Lambo stuff!! I have no idea/opinion on whether its authentic, it sounded real, but like I said, Im not a Lambo expert. Here are the pictures I have of it:

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  3. looks fake to me.
  4. Yea, thats about all I have heard...but why?
  5. The bottom molding under the door is one piece and a dead giveaway.

    Also, no one runs those wheels except kit cars.

    They're not stock at all.

    Hope this helps.

    Pictures of the interior are the surest way to tell even on a good fake body.

  6. I'm certainly not a Countach expert... but, the tail lights look suspicious.
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  8. Yea thats the only thing I can see that looks out of place...but I agree, it just doesnt look right...

  9. I agree, seeing the back end made me really think it could be a fake.
  10. Ok...

    Door hight is all wrong
    Door all all wrong period actually
    front end is all worng..way to much slope
    side windows are all wrong
    rear deck is all wrong
    curvacher of rear fenders is all wrong
    wing is wrong
    tail lights are wrong
    door sill hight is wrong
    IWndow rolls down too far
    wipers are wrong
    side skirts are way wrong
    interior is wrong
    exahust is wrong
    wheels are wrong
    fender flares are wrong
    car is much too high

    I really hope you guys were joking around
  11. couldn't have said it better myself Tom.

    EVERYTHING is wrong.

    12 year olds could tell it's a fake in 2 seconds flat from 100 feet away

    this is ridiculous to even be talking about
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  13. Even as a current two Lambo Diablo 6.0 owner, I couldnt tell if it was real or not. Unless I was into Countaches, I'd never know still. :)

  14. Of course this thing is a complete turd..... but it may not be that obvious to those who haven't pored over the shape of a Countach for hours.. If you saw it sitting next to a real one it would be very obvious.

    It always saddens me to see these completely absurd kit cars. The only ones that look even close have so much money in them they're not far off a real one.

    Countaches have a shape that I think must be very, very diffficult to duplicate, and if you try to squeeze the shape onto a Fiero chassis it looks like a midget wearing lingerie - it is just ridiculous !
  15. If you look at the picture where he is getting in the car, there are no "pop-up" headlights. DEAD GIVE AWAY.
  16. Well I guess its been decided then...

    Sorry for being a complete blundering idiot and not noticing all of it's ridiculously flagrant flaws.
  17. bludevil -
    No "blundering idiot" -
    Until about 6 months ago, I wouldn't have noticed the difference - but after being on the various forums for several months, it is easy to spot them now -
    As Ben said, even a Lambo owner might not know all the details of another model Lambo -

  18. Fake by far, and a bad try a a replica too if I may add....
  19. Haha, I was being sarcastic-but thanks for sorting it out guys!

  20. Trust me, its fake. I have a knack for these things :D
  21. thanks. I knew there was something that was a big giveaway, I just couldn't put my finger on it....
  22. Hows that??
  23. the thing i hate most about these kit cars is that they always use the gm seatbelts from 1985 cadillacs. looks so out a place.....
  24. Well i have been into kitcars as well as real supercars my hole life now so i know which company built that body. I knew right then it was one of the Lamboshop kitcars i mean the body work and the interior of it gave it away.
    It doesnt take a real time expert to know if its a kitcar. The only way you will get fooled into thinking its real and thats if your not into cars in genral. If you guys need help on knowing if its a real supercar or replica please dont hestate to ask me.

    BTW most lamborghini replicas use Corvette parts including seatbelts.
  25. Thanks for clearing that up. I feel much better now that I know I have a reliable kit car expert on hand!!! ;)


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