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Correction 2350 Horse Power

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 24, 2005.

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  3. Will you adopt me? LoL
  4. These are NOT all mine!
  5. holy mofo'n **** dude, adopt me, im like 15 mins from you :)
    I'll sleep in you garage and be your slave :D
  6. forget jimmy540i, I envy you :) lol
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  8. Where does one get therapy on the Dark Side?
  9. Since you had good weather, I'm assuming you drove the Murci -- how was it?
  10. It was better than I remembered from my test drive 1 year ago. Clutch very smooth, six speed very smooth and the car is quiet. The CD/radio has better sound but we turned it off and listened to the TUBI!! Firat impression, it drives 1/2 way between the Diablo and the 360. The steering does not feel as heavy as the Diablo.
  11. Nice choice, awesome wheels.

    Can you put roadster wheels on a 6.0? I know it is about the same size.
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  13. OMFG! What a scene of beauty!!!!!!

    Goddayum that's beautiful!!!!

    Now, this beautiful scenery needs a soundtrack; get your friends and family in each one of them and start revvin!
  14. I'll check with my 6.0 OEM rims/sizing tonight.
  15. Now THAT is what I call a pallindrome!
  16. PERFECT!!!......thats it...I rest my case :D:D:D:D
  17. Any pics being loaded onto the truck??
  18. Hahaha.

    Look, I seriously don't think you need all those cars. I'd love to take one of them off your hands. Preferably the Murci.
  19. Beautiful pic :)

    Whast with the guy running on the second pic on the right?
  20. Believe it or not, he was trying to get out of the picture.
  21. wow!!! which do you prefer the diablo or murci??

    Why'd the 360 go for?? Did the Lambo make the 360 seem too much like a lesser car or was it the 430 thats coming?? I'ld imagine the 360 would be great, but with the option of driving a Diablo instead would just make the 360 seem inferior and take the fun out of drving it, more like a chore.

    I might be in the same situation in a year or two, I want a CS or 6.0, but don't want to give up my NSX. I'm affraid though if I get one of them I won't ever have the time or desire to drive the NSX. I'm considering selling it so I can get one of them sooner, just don't want to let it go, but would be pi$$ed afterward if I could have sold it for more and got a CS/6.0 sooner.

    Also, have you ever driven a CS? If yes how'd that compare, especially in the fun factor??
  22. Here are some answers to your questions.
    It's too early to tell.

    Driving the 360 never seemed like a chore, but was quite enjoyable. The 360 and Diablo are very different cars.

    You'll know when it's time to let one of them go.

    I have not driven a CS. I'd love to though!!

    I'm getting ready to post some initial impressions of the 3 cars.
  23. Dave, looks like you are as quick you are with the camera as you are with the cars :p
  24. OMG! Those are some aweosme pictures!
  25. My son is much better with the camera than I am.

  26. No worries.

    I stilld on't know what is your daily driver? :)

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