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Cops seize 'borrowed' Lamborghini

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mike360, Oct 28, 2004.

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  2. At least they got to enjoy it for a day! rofl! :D
  3. Cheaper than renting the bugger!
  4. ahhhh but which story is true?:confused:i'll guess we'll never know.
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  6. Wow, I'm surprised they decided to stop...
  7. Looks like the original owner didn't like the car.
  8. Or didn't like it enough.

    Or wanted/needed the money for something else.

    As an owner, I can tell you that much as I love the car, it is a lot of money to have in the garage, so I'm never surprised to see a near new exotic on the market.
  9. JUST three hours after being bought for cash this $500,000 bright orange Lamborghini ended up in the impound lot of a Sydney police station.

    Attention-grabbing … police question the two males about the $450,000 Gallardo. Picture: Bill Hearne

    The Lamborghini Gallardo was driven out of Mosman Automobiles at 11am after being paid for with a Commonwealth Bank bank cheque.

    But when two young men were spotted cruising down Colechin St, Yagoona, in the Italian sports car at 2pm it turned a few heads - and attracted the attention of local police.

    Officers pulled the car over and, after speaking with the two men, took them to Bankstown police station for further questioning.

    Witnesses said the pair, who had the car's keys, told police that they had "borrowed" the car from its new owner. It is understood the car was not speeding at the time.

    "The car has since been impounded and [the two men] are assisting with inquiries," Bankstown Inspector Mark Adams said.

    "There's also going to be some inquiries from the Crime Commission."

    Michael Woods from Mosman Automobiles said the buyer, from Sydney's west, had paid by bank cheque after a week of negotiation and that the dealer was "completely happy with the way the deal had gone".

    The car was first bought from Lamborghini Sydney in Rushcutters Bay several months ago by a Queensland man. The owner, who has since gone overseas, decided to sell the car 11 days ago through Mosman Automobiles.

    "We sold the car, we know all the Sydney cars, there are only two which are orange in Sydney," Lamborghini Sydney spokesman Greville Bogard said yesterday.

    Mr Bogard said there was no way the car could have been stolen unless the keys were left in the ignition.

    "Security on these things is state of the art, the equivalent of trying to get into Fort Knox," Mr Bogard said.

    "It has an anti-tilt device, so you can't even load it on to a lorry.

    "As soon as you tamper with it, everything shuts down."

    The Daily Telegraph
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  11. I would have lost it after paying 500k! Police or not!
  12. Aussie dollars I'm sure...
  13. Yes. Which equals exactly 384,490 US dollars.

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