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Coolest of the Best: White Diablo Roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by karmavore, Feb 5, 2004.

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  2. That car has 19k miles on it. Its useless dude.
  3. Thats not bad or good. Its going to run fine, but its losing blood and fast. Diablos are not known for being reliable over 20K miles.
  4. Ugh... not exactly the point, but ok.
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  6. Get off the crack. I have 30,000 miles and my car runs perfect. I know others with 40-50k on theirs and they are some of the best running Diablos ive been in. The more miles, the better they run.

    Can you post pics of your cars for me? I asked in another thread and you never replied. I love the Murci in green.
  7. I don't understand that one either, mine has 25k with no problems. I would like to hear a logical explanation on that one, it makes absolutely no sense to me that any car made in this modern day era go bad after 20k miles. The motor is strong and doesn't need to run high rpms to create power so the engine will have less wear on the cylinder walls. For the most part it's how a person takes care of their car or know how to drive them properly.
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    Hey Alan,
    I think that guy is kinda out there. I have a couple of Diablos, one with 18k on it and it runs fantastic. We actually take them out and drive them once a week. Here is a picture of my "garage":) Not really, but they are my babies until they leave!!!

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  9. What up, Chris?

    Luke (Taratus)
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  11. Nice selection Chris!

  12. I think the reason why most lambos you see are so low mileage, is because it's the owner's 6th or 7th car.
  13. I'll try to soon. I cant upload bmp's so I cant post any. I havent driven her in almost a month. I'll get some soon.

    My friends Diablo had 20k on it and it wasnt in the best condition. But maybe that was just his car.
  14. Its car, change the oil, tires, clutch, and it should run...eventually you have replaced everything anyway, if you look at the 15 or 30K ferrari services, youve really overhauled the engine by the car! and lambo interiors (in my limited experience) wear a LOT better, 328 interios, and in particular 355s seem to go downhill fast..not sure why. even 91 diablos seem perfect often.
  15. I see no reason why a Diablo or a C/T shouldnt be relaible (in exotic italian car terms here) way past 20000miles, as Allan said, his has over 30k on his SV AND it runs on spray often, and it runs great. With the Murci and Gallardo, because they are partially AUDI designed they should last a long time.

    The white roadster for which this thread was started is VERY nice, everything about that car looks new (look at the engine shot, perfect) and the interior is wonderful in B/W leather. I love it!

    Chris, is that a 40th anni in the fer background of "your" garage? Damn, thats nice. MSRP? :)

  16. It is VERY simple to change a .bmp to a .jpg or .gif.. Send it my way and I'll do it for you.
  17. Diablo Roadsters are GREAT cars. The mileage is no big deal... but now: a "WHITE" Diablo? that's another story! I think white belongs on refrigerators and washer/driers - not on Diablo's!
  18. This coming from a guy who has a very conservative car. Grey and Grey, I believe....

  19. i love that side view shot of the diablo roadster. that, to me, is an exotic. it looks crazy, there is more room for the engine than the passengers, and that angle really shows it.

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