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Cool pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Mar 30, 2005.

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  2. Sweet pictures! I love that 348 with the red rims. Looks really good.

    Whats wronge with that lambo with the HUGE lights in the front?
  3. lol. Its a Countach. You can bolt on anything and its OK.
  4. Great pics A.J.! That 612 in the set of pics looked like it had chrome OEM wheels. I also saw a few American cars in the pics (Escalade, H2, Chevy Astro, & even a Buick Skylark wagon).
  5. Is that what it is... Fugly.
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  7. F40 i guess with some sort of modded tailgate to get rid of the rear window..infact i think its pretty much modded evrything.

    Ref the diablo, em, thats alot of horsepower, are you sure you havent taken a fit and your fingers are randomly pressing all the keys on the keyboard???
  8. Awesome amount of pictures though AJ, those folk certainly know how to ruin cars though eh?? Theres a stunning white 6.0 early on in the pics and a real stinker of a white 6.0 later. Probably before and after pics no doubt!!!
  9. it seems like Japan is the biggest market for exotics isn't it?
    but how come they attempt to modify = ruin some already gorgeous Diablo?

    also: is that a rare Cizeta or just another modified Diablo?
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  11. No, it is a TR.
  12. Well, there are several schools of thought on the modding of exotics. I for one like some mods, and if you have seen pics of my modded 6.0, you will know what I mean. I am also modding my Murci, wing, roof scoops, wheel inserts, front and side aluminum air splitters, exhaust. The Japanese have long been known for extreme visual mods, and additional performance enhancements. The purists would find those things........over the top for sure. I tend to like most, but I personally never go where I couldn't bring it back if need be. Interesting pictures for sure.
  13. Rice with your pasta?


    I suppose it's not that bad. It's one thing to put a mod on a car to try to get some extra performance but...

  14. LOL
  15. Actually, I kinda like it. Not really much done to the Anniversary car, except the front hood and lower spoiler area, and the rakes above the lower rakes on the rear wheel area.
  16. Dude, if you want to see a fugly Coutach check out the one with the wing on the front hood!
  17. anybody know what the silver car is immediately after the XJ220 pic? Looks kinda like an XJR15, but then again maybe not.
  18. Those Japanese sure love their wings.
  19. regarding to the car after the XJ220, thats a Porsche, homolagated Race car of some sorts. look at the tail. see a bit of 959 in there?
  20. Schuppan 962CR
  21. thanks guys... yes I did notice the 959 tail touches.

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