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Cool Murci pics-----------------

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Jan 31, 2005.

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  2. Great pics. I like the borders on the photos too. Can that be done using Paint as an editor, does anyone know?
  3. I tend to use either Paint shop pro or photoshop to edit pictures. Paint shop pro is easiest to use, and adding borders is very simple.

    I'm pretty sure you could do it in MSPaint, but have never tried!
  4. Thats an amazing colour on such an amazing car!! - love it.

    Tom Hartley have one for sale in that colour aswell!!!!! so wish i could buy it.
  5. Those are great. Also nice to see the Merci in a different color. Nice.
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  7. Agreed - paint to spec?
  8. Isn't that cotton candy blue or something?

    Beauty cars. It's like having a stunning blonde women in one arm, and a breaktaking brunette women in the other. :)

    Are they owned by the same person, what do they do?
  9. That's a factory colour, called Azzurro Aquarius. The first Murci I ever saw was this colour with a navy blue leather interior. It's probably the classiest combo for the Murci.
  10. Nice pictures - Gorgeous color on the murci! It looks similar to Grigio Alloy. I love it.
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  12. Very nice! I like the borders as well...Maybe I should add those on my pictures?
  13. Superb look! Shame that we don't see more of them around in this color.
  14. As mentioned, it's Azzuro Aquarious. Very similar, if not the same colour as Grigio Alloy on FCars.

    They are indeed owned by myself. I'm a Financial Consultant in the UK. I have very few vices in life, but cars and bikes are my passion.

    Glad you like the pics. Ben (Dobbo) and I are planning a motion photoshoot when the weather warms up a bit. Will post then.

  15. Gorgeous car, thanks for sharing. What combo is the interior? Grey inserts on black or navy?
  16. Lucky man. I didn't know F. Consultants did so well. Post more pics if you can. Does Lambo have a color called "Cotton Candy Blue"?
  17. Tom Hartley have it down as 'Azzuro Metallic' with contrast stitching for the they have for sale....
  18. very nice color
  19. looks good the murci and 360 look cool togather the murci color looks nice aswell.
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  21. Neither, the interior colour is a light aqua blue (very similar to the exterior) inserts on navy.

    Works really well with the exterior.

    I'll get some pics posted soon, but i'm on a beach in Thailand at the mo... :)

  22. Hi , I really liked these photos, does anyone happen to have them in higher resolution, 1600x1200 jpg? I'm sure everyone would love to have them so please help us out :) Thanks again!
  23. Those pictures are amazing! Thanks alot for the link. I must agree, Azzuro Aquarious, is definatly an eye catching color!! Looks good both clean and icy !hah
  24. WOW,
    add me to the lis if you have bigger pics. merits a wallpaper change :)

    like your style ferrari in traditional colors and Lambo in rare exotic color.
    the gods have smile upon you.

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    Hi guys, I can't really host all the pictures as they are all 3000x2000 and a couple of megs each. My WWW hosting package wont take the strain!

    If anyone has a specific one they want full size, send me an email through my profile and I'll sort it out.

    For thost that asked about the interior:
    Image Unavailable, Please Login

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