Congrats to TOM BARTH= Gallardo wins! | LamborghiniChat

Congrats to TOM BARTH= Gallardo wins!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Remember this thread a couple of days ago?

    Result after Tom took a test drive back East he bought a Gallardo from Nick Smith at Symbolic Motors.
    Tom is no stranger to performance vehicles. He owned a 360 Spider,
    A Porsche GT2,a supercharged Viper etc.

    I knew if I could just get him into a test drive he would see the light!
    Congradulations Tom!
    Now let's see if we can get serious and get your buddy Jason Heffner to supercharge or turbo charge our 2 Gallardos?
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  3. What color???
  4. Tom told me it was a black 6 speed. I know it has some other options..chime in here Tom!
  5. I may have been premature it's not a "done deal" yet.
  6. Im amazed! Someone considering a Ferrari would never buy a Lamborghini instead!
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  8. Mr. sarcasm... I even cancelled the most sought after one..a 360 CS
    after I drove and bought a Gallardo! Go figure...??? Must have been bad acid
    from the 60's that did it to me???
  9. How could you buy a Lambo over a Ferrari? I mean Ferrari has heritage! That makes up for bland looks, uninspired performance and a high price tag. Doesnt it?

    On a side note, it was raining here today, so i put the top down on the 355 and took it for a ride. I was the U-Boat commander.
  10. OMG allan

    you bastard

  11. Obviously too much Muai WOWEE!!!!!!!!!
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  14. shut up follower.
  15. Allan, take care of your 355, its the best Ferrari in a long time:) IMHO. Too bad they didn't do a 355 stradale (don't give me the fiorano bs, its a spider for god's sake!)
  16. lol, ok repair boy. Let me know when you save up enough pennies to actually own an F-car. :)
  17. Im only kidding. Of course i take care of my 355. I want it to be worth as much as it can for when i trade it in on a Gallardo.
  18. They will actually take 355's on trades for Gallardo's? ;) Damn, now I'm starting to sound like Allan.

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