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Collectability, Technology and safety over time

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Countachqv, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Countachqv

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Just read about the new Huracan EVO and the gizmos that pretty much makes it drive itself. "The car anticipates what the driver will do". That statement scares the s..t out of me! I see high technology getting in cars by leaps and bounds to make it the ultimate thinking machine. Soon AI to be, I bet ("Dave, you are doing it wrong, let me take over the driving to push 202" or "Dave, I do not feel well and have to reboot now - speed 190mph")!

    May be I am old school and good for full retirement on all front but I think the new cars are not going to survive a 20 years life and those who try will spend a lot or die driving them.
    First the amount of electronic is staggering! I learned a Mc Laren 720 has 6 computers all talking to each other. That is great as long as they keep good civility. Imagine that car or Huracan EVO in 20 years. Would you want 20 year old electronics make cornering decisions for you?
    In addition as time will bring problem, solving them will be a nightmare and probably require an electronic rebuild. Who will do this in 20 years? Especially on the car limited edition $3MM+ cars

    That brings into question the entire collectability of the new cars. Muiras and older model survived because they were simple mechanicals not required degrees from MIT in AI, electronics and mechanics.
    These cars are great today and for a 7 years life (if the computers are doing the right thing) but as the age beyond 5 to 7 years I can't help to be both scared for the future drivers and wondering who will keep them assuming combustion engines are not outlawed by then

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