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Cold Cranking time to start a Diablo 6.0??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. It seems as the fall has arrived, that my Diablo is taking longer to crank over and start. Not having a specific benchmark to judge from, my guess is 2x longer (15 sec+/-). Has anybody else had this situation occur??
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  3. Hi Dave, That sounds like a long time for it to fire up. Maybe the spark plugs need to be changed.
  4. Are they special or can you buy them at Autozone or similar?
  5. BTW, it only happens when the car has not been started overnight. If I do not go to lunch in it, after sitting for 10 hours it starts fight away.
  6. NO ! That car should start within 4 seconds. It should turn a few times and hit. You do not want to have to replace the starter on that car. I would get that checked out asap !

    " Quote. Are they special or can you buy them at Autozone or similar? Quote"
    Yes, those plugs are very,very special. If you change those plugs to anything that is in it , you will loose about 8 to 10 HP and they will not be right. The factory plugs are the perfect plug for that car. It's heat range is designed perfect for it and if you use anything else you will fell the sludge. Sure there are other plugs that will "work" but you will tell the difference. A complete set will be between $350 and $400 and the only place to get them is through lambo !
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  8. First thing I would check would be battery condition. If the battery is boarder line it could not be producing enough amps to get the car that it is getting colder, thus causing a long crank time. Remember as the car is turning over the battery is doing all the work. It's running the starter and ALL elecrical components needed to fire the computers,injectors,fuel pumps, etc..this can put a big strain on a boarder line battery.

    If that checks out have a look to see if fuel pressure is building up fast eoungh..or if it is loosing it prime. Fuel should remain in the lines after shut down. If you have a check valve that has gone ban in a fuel pump,all the fuel in the lines will flow back to the tank. This will also cause a long crank time.
  9. Thanks guys!! I checked in the owners manual at it stated that I should use Champion Plugs RA59PP with 0.5-0.6mm gap. Maybe I should plug in the battery tender (Lambo Dealer installed) to check out the battery condition. I'm not sure my car ever fired in 4 sec. This problem only surfaces after sitting all night.
  10. After letting the car warm up around noon today, I tried after church (8 hours later) and only took 2 sec. to start.
  11. racerdj , lambo has a lock down on those plugs. Like the Koni shock in your car which is $1600 only a lambo dealer will be able to get you those. Believe me, i tried ! LOL , new plugs will also cure the "hunting idle" on the 6.0. It will idle at a perfect 1200 ! That car should start up with just a few turns of the crank ! A few seconds at the most. If you need a number to tale to a "real tech: drop me and email. I will be glad to point you to the man who can cure your problems !
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  13. Both of my 6.0's crank within 3 or 4 seconds at most.

    Dont' let it go 15 seconds, a new starter is about $4500 after labor -- 30 hours of labor to replace one and $1500 for the part.

  14. A starter costs $1833.86 and takes 12 hours of labor (because you pull the motor to do it properly) ...So, depending on the labor charge ($112 is what I paid), that's around $3200, but, the good news, starters do not go out all the often. I know about these numbers because I just (2 weeks ago) replaced mine (in an SE30, but, it is the very same part, I checked).

    As for the spark plugs (had those replaced too), it is $367 for the parts, so, right in line with $350-$400 comment.

    The koni hydraulic shocks (for the front axle) are $853.85, about $1700 for the set...that's on a SE30 (had those replaced too)..not sure if the $1600 comment is for a set or just for one. I had mine replaced, along with the front suspension springs, because they were no longer holding the ride height adjustment (nose was about 4" off the ground when it should be about 5").

    Just tossing in my $.02

  15. Love the SE30 ! Numbers look right accross the board . However the shock for the 6.0 is different and is around the $1500 mark at dead cost.Part number 51006592, I have found most dealer's will hit you for $100 to $300 mark up so the actual cost may be more. Good news is you will not have to replace both on the 6.0. Only the front right goes bad ! Cheers ....
  16. My battery tender just went off (trickel charge) after 10 hours. Can you get the Champion Plugs RA59PP other than a Lamborghini dealer? I'll get cranking time this morning. With the metal clip and lack of room to get to the plugs, changing them should be a task!!

  17. You really don't need to pull the engine to change the starter on a Diablo. You just remove the exhaust manifold and sheilding. It is a bugger but you can do it less time then it would take to pull the enigne. I have had them done in 4-6 hours
  18. What kinda oil are you using? I know this is kinda far fetched assuming temps are still pretty mild, but you never know. Around here, we change the oil for a less viscous one when winter hits.
  19. 12 seconds this morning.
  20. The oil question is important.

  21. Talking about waiting for the car to crank ? I loved the sensation after a Countach was all warmed up. You just finished pumping gas. Now you sat in the car. You turned the key a little. The fans behind your head howled !!!!!!!! WOW !!!!! It kind of seemed like a jet at an airport. Now you cranked, and the thing comes to life. Awesome. Those turning fans were sensational !!!!

    Dave. - Good luck with the starting issues. No hijacking here !!
  22. does the 6.0 do that with the fans?

  23. I would (guess) not. I believe the fans are way back there. BesiDES they would need to refine (take away all the character and fun) the car.

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