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clear engine cover for gallardo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by quickysrt, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. hi guys is there an aftermarket clear engine cover for the gallardo? its a nice looking engine bay shame its tucked away. :(
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  3. there is one from the factory but its $8000 or somethng crazy
  4. IMO it looks awsome in person. A few members have the OEM option and have posted pics.
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  8. do u have the link or pictures handy?

  9. Visiting this area frequently, I just remember seeing several pics posted here often by owners who have the option.
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  12. Great shots guys. Thanks for posting!
  13. wouldn't it be cool to wire a small neon white light in the engine bay, at night while driving it would light up the engine. nothing too bright, but my 2 cents......=)
  14. $8k? Any cheaper after-market ones?
  15. 8K????

    Try 3.5k....that was the price for the option in 04 and will be 10% more in 05...along with everything else due to the Dollar/vs Euro.You can buy a new bonnet if you wanted, but it isn't cheap. You can call my parts guy to check the price.


    Steve is the window sticker for our silver car with clear bonnet
  16. That would look cool, also if the car had yellow calipers or yellow inserts to paint the intake manifold cover yellow.
  17. I have the clear engine cover on my Gallardo. It looks great
  18. Where do you get your Gallardo serviced near Michigan?
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  20. We are the Southern California dealer for the Miura Corse products. If anyone is interested in this hood, we will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you.
  21. I send the cars to Lamborghini Chicago
  22. i agree with dave, it looks better with out it...and it looks too much like you are copying the 360....

  23. right on, dave.
    i saw one in person and it looks sharp.
    i would want it to be OEM option rather than aftermarket.

  24. Those vent covers look awful. :(
  25. We are doing His bidding by creating great things in His image. :D
  26. I can't see any attached pics except the last one... is it the fchat server? I wanna see the pics... :(

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