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Christian Lassen Ruined Diablo SE30

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by TZL, Jan 30, 2004.

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  2. ive seen that car upclose, and it is hideous.
  3. wow, thats nasty. the quality of the graphics is pretty amazing, but on a car? not to mention a lamborghini? no way.

    I got to say that car is about the only one in the world that can pull of that color.
  4. Please put it out of its pain.
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  6. he did that to an SE? damn i hope thats not rare. maybe he will paint a cute little red bow on it too since hes already wussified it with the dolfin scene.
  7. Save the dolphins from swimming in that Purple - Powered infested waters!
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  9. this is a crime. and that's damn close to the diablo i want (purple/white). this bonehead ****ed up my car :(

    it'd be one thing if they were selling it for $10K+ less than market value - then you could at least afford a first-class repaint and some value for the hassle.

  10. Thats really something. There is also a very ugly black one in the Ceasars Palace Forum Shops in the gallery that really sucks too. Actually in my humble opinion the art in general of this self proclaimed fancy pants surfer dude, sucks!
    And I mean it!!!
  11. Ghetto.
  12. What a waste of $250,000 and then the damage to the beautiful car !! :(
  13. Amazing:
    A giant butt ugly, Barney colored car with a huge group of fish (mammals) on the hood. One can only ask why?, / why?
    Hopefully the owner is swimming with the fishes.
  14. Why did they not put the tails on the back bumper ? It would have
    at least flowed better. Did the buyer run out of money after 250K
    for the paint and 300K for the car ?
  15. I guess the Ford people would'nt let him do it to Focus:)

    Who is this guy? Please tell me he was smoking some cig-a-weed to get this idea....Still a beautiful automobile, but the dolphins belong on a wall not a freakin SE 30!!
  16. I wonder why someone would paint it like that on porpoise...
  17. eh - he probably just did it for the halibut.

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  19. Does he dolphinize every vehicle he gets his hands on????

    Funny photoshp wax:D
  20. Lassen has a pretty big presence out here in Vegas- he has a huge gallery in Ceasers Palace Forum Shops- I saw the 348 there- its nasty!

    Lassen is definitely talented - but he charges Monet like premiums for his artwork

    they had an article in the Las Vegas Weekly about a 2 million painting someone ganked right from his store in broad daylight

    anyways- they had an art teacher from UNLV comment on Lassens work by saying great artist can produce great art despite the subject of their work- you take a way dolphins and starfish from Lassen and you have the same caliber of art as the airbrush dude at the local strip mall
  21. i still want to know what it is he smokes on the weekends and how he gets it into the states.
  22. Looks better in your pictures, lol.

    That is one ugly car!
  23. If I had to buy that car he has to paint me sitting down eating a tuna and dolphin sandwich on the door panel. What a moron.
    Some of his stuff as well as the other guy who paints the same way is ok. But how the hell does this relate to a gas guzzler , maybe a hybrid car.

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