Chief Lambo test driver takes Gallardo for a gentle spin ------------------- | LamborghiniChat

Chief Lambo test driver takes Gallardo for a gentle spin -------------------

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Aug 7, 2004.

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  2. I love the way he passes people. Over and over again. I guess he's done this for so many years he would know every road in the region like the back of his hand.
  3. Ryan,
    i agree ; like all the best drivers, he makes it look effortless.
  4. very cool!!!!
  5. I think theres been a thread about this, but at the end of the video that silver Gallardo LOOKS like it has no roof. I doubt that its really a spider, but I cant see any C-pillars.

    Good video anyways.
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  7. GREAT spot ;) I agree, it LOOKS like a spider.....
  8. Great video, thank you. I believe this car is egear because you can't see the driver take his hands off the steering wheel so my question is:

    1) why can you periodically hear the blip of the throttle while he is driving as if the car is in neutral and the driver is reving the engine. Is there a clutch like paddle in the egear lambo?

    2) why do motorcycles AND car drivers periodically blip the throttle when their vehicles are in neutral or when the clutch is engaged, I always wondered what the purpose of this was?
  9. Yeah, this was an e-gear.

    1) That's him downshifting - it automatically blips the throttle to match the RPM's to the speed.

    2) No purpose I've ever heard of. People just do it... I catch myself doing that sometimes as I'm trying to anticipate green lights.
  10. The sound of the gallardo is orgasmic.

    I've been to Modena last week (my father's friends live there), and it really is a nice place. While I was there the place was empty, the roads being mostly empty, because most of the "Modenesi" took a break (august is the month in which most of us italians go to vacation).
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  12. Great video, thanks for sharing!
    I bought the DVD, "The Lamborghini Experience 40 Years of Excellence" at and there's a 30(?) minute long interview with Mr Valentino Balboni.
    Such a humble man and great driver, he really is "Mister Lamborghini"!

    Only for showing off.
    If you have an extremely highly tuned car it might be neccessary to use the throttle to keep the engine alive but otherwise it's just for showing off...

    / Peter
  13. Do you mean why do people blip when they change down a gear? Some people do it do be nice to the synchros in their gearbox.

    For example - in my mr2 - if I was changing from 5k in 3rd straight to redline in 2nd, I would floor the clutch, shift to neutral, blip the throttle so the engine spun out to 7k then shift smoothly into 2nd. This only took half a second - and saved me many painfully missed shifts. It's also really fun. :)

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