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Change from Ferrari to Lambo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by kenyon, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. I have found this Diablo for sale.

    Would anyone owning a Ferrari buy a Lambo instead. I have been offered very good money on my Ferrari 348 spider. The wife likes the car a lot.

    What are the 1991 diablos like to drive...???
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  3. I had a buddy who had one. It was in the shop every other month but when it ran...IT RAN!

  4. 1991-1993/1994 were what I call intro years. Everything on the car was new. Biggest problem you'll have on a '91 Diablo is if the previous owner(s) didn't drive it. If it has 15,000 miles on it -- BUY IT! If it has 2,000 miles on it, expect to replace every seal, gasket, and hose, and then watch for what got corroded -- just like on any car that sits. Oh, and probably new tires that have the same diameter rather than square. ;)

    I recommend to anyone looking for a Diablo, try for a 1995+ for reliability sake.

    Diablos are rock solid, but the newer the better, and the higher the miles the less bugs you have to work out.

  5. Ask aj (6.0 se), he has owned pretty much every Diablo.
  6. Hi Kenyon, from what I have heard the early Diablos have stiff clutches and heavy steering at low speeds. Though I haven't driven one, I have sat in several, the clutch is a little stiffer than on a 348 spider but my impression was that it seemed drivable-you should not have a problem driving one, you will really notice the difference in performance though if you really drive the Lambo hard the acceleration is brutal. It is a 2wd aswell which I have heard is "more fun" to drive than a VT. I know of three people who have switched to Lambos from other cars one guy from a Testarossa to a Countach 25th anniversary, another from a Vanquish to a Murcielago and more relevantly from a 355 spider to an early Diablo. From what I heard they ALL loved their new cars. Any way I hope this helps even though I haven't driven a Lambo. By the way the owner of Sant Agata Classics, Amari is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet I'm sure you'll get a great deal with them!
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  8. hasnaz, you've heard wrong. Clutch is stiff in every year, but that's by design, and steering is perfect like a lexus at any speed.


  9. I sold my 94-512TR and picked up a 98 Diablo SV back in April ,night and day is all I have to say, you can't compare the two in any catagory.The 512 was a very good running, good looking solid and fun car to drive but not even in the same league with the Diablo.

    I know the older Diablos had some issues that the newer ones no longer have, my buddy Todd Mathews at Motor Cars International would be glad to talk to you about the early Diablo issues or you can check out ********************* there are some 1991 Diablo owners on site ,they will tell you the good and bad.Good luck!

    We All Have Are Thing!
  10. I can't answer the 91 Diablo question. As far as the answer on buying a Lamborghini over a Ferrari the answer is yes. The only problem is that I cannot part with the 360 now.
  11. "It will put hair on your chest."
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  13. In 1991 the chain tensioners were a major fault,

    and i remember reading and speaking to people at the factory and they said they had fixed 1001 faults in 1994 when the VT came out. In 1993 they made 8 cars and they are the same as a 1992 or 1991. Go with a 1994 and after... If you cant swing the financial aspect of it...then go for it! Lambo is still the best!

  14. Lambo everytime.
  15. Ben's points are correct.

    About the early cars. I understood they were reliable when driven. You need to change the exhaust. It is supposed to get very hot back their. The chain tensioner needs to be updated (if it was not done). Just check the car out very good. The 91/92 cars have to be the supercar bargain. What other genuine exotic can go 200mph for 85K and up ? They still look great.
  16. Thank guys. look like a 1994 onwards is the way forward then..
  17. Warning: If you test drive, it's all over!!

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