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CGT vs Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bostonmini, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Gentleman (and I believe one woman),

    I have been arguing with a friend about which is the better real life car and I would love your input. I know the CGT outperforms the Murcielago and has a space age chassis that makes it some 500 lbs lighter, but is the murcielago better for the street? Again, the Enzo, in my eyes is an awesome thing, but not really a road car, more a display of what they can do, and good for track use. Thanks in advance. btw, dont count price "i could get a murci, a 575, a 360 spider..."
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  3. I am shocked nobody has voiced their preferences, this would seem a viable alternative to both the 575MM and the Enzo, in a "between" category.
  4. Ill voice my opinion. Since everyone here thinks im biased against Ferrari with lamborghini, this will be interesting.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the Cgt is the better car. It will most certainly be easily driveable and far faster than the Murcielago. It does cost quite a bit more than a Murci, but still substantially less than the Enzo. Making a Cgt -Enzo comparison seem more fair. In this case the Cgt scores again, as it may be slower in a straightline than the Enzo, on track (something i dont care about, but all the whiny fcar drivers here do) it may be a completely different story, just like with the Gt3 and Stradale.

    I may love Lamborghini, but im not blind like many an Fcar owner. Lambos may be great cars, but Porsche undoubtedly builds the best cars, especially when price is concerned.
  5. To all the other board members, I dont see how the above viewpoint (allan's) is elitist or insulting, we need MORE members that are unbiased.
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  7. Allan, did you hear the CGT exhaust clips though? sounds weird, while the Tubi Murci sounds sick!
  8. murcielago, hands down. while i do care about performance numbers, they really are just numbers when it comes to every day use. the murcielago is by FAR my favorite car currently available - the design is simply stunning and the power is obviously more than sufficient, again, for everyday use. i've never seen a CGT in person and while i like the design in pictures, it still doesn't have near the appeal and beauty of the murci.

    Lambo of Houston - that has a nice ring to it, no?? maybe i'm in the minority but a significant reason i won't buy a lambo is that there isn't a dealer in town. porsche does build great cars but they certainly are more on the "practical" side of the fence compared to lambo and ferrari.

    my 2 cents!
  9. Well put.
  10. I dont think thats a fair comparo at all.

    You cant not take the price in consideration. The CGT is much more expensive than a Murcielago , its a much better car than the Lambo and should be so.

    IMO both are as driveable , the murcie being easier to handle on wet roads but thats the only advantage it has over the CGT ..but then its heavier and no longer RWD...
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  12. Hmmm all of a sudden you cant take price into account, but yet not so long ago people where arguing on the Murci vs Enzo and when i said price, people didnt care.
  13. Andrew
    You have to take $ into account. For the $ the Murcie is a lot of car, much more car than a 360. The P car is more car but it costs almost 2x an almost new Murcie. An Enzo is a fairer comp. For the 260K less the P car is very close to the Enzo.
  14. As an unbiaised person, I will support and disagree Allan at the same time...

    First, $ is a consideration! There is no way that you would compare a boxter to a 360, and it should be the same with CGT and murci.

    When $ is a concern, and adding the fact that some model are manufacturer flagship and limited edition, the comparison should be: 575 / murci / GT2 , and MC F1 / CGT / Enzo (Lamborgini doesn't have such a car)

    That said (and remember, I love Fcar, and own one), when it comes to construction, Porche did a much better job on the CGT than Ferrari did with the enzo . Sorry guys, but the german engineering with its attention to details and the quality of materials and quality control of its process wins again. When you add to that that the CGT is 2x less money than the Enzo...

    Now to come back to the murci (and the others for that matter), what we are really concerned about is driveability. Does anyone here will tell me that he bought his car because it goes 210mph, instead of 205 for the neighbor. Give me a break (unless you have some self-esteem issues, and need that to be re-assured)! None of us will ever see 200mph with any of these car on open roads!

    So what matter is 0-100-0 and lateral G-force. On this basis, I'd say that the lightest car with the best lbs/hp ratio wins. And I am not sure that Ferrari is better placed than Porche or Lamborghini...

  15. how about some real world importance issues, maitanence, GROUND CLEARANCE, and even, i must admit, if i were to get the CGT or Murci, maybe curb appeal, an interesting note...

  16. First the CGT isnt 2x less money than an Enzo

    CGT : 470 000 euros
    Enzo : 650 000 Euros ( April 2003 )
    But then again , 1500 CGT will be built...vs 399 Enzo.

    As for the Interior quality , i disagree . Porsche's interiors are really nothing to be proud of. The plastic in a 996 turbo has a cheap feel/look.
    It has been like that since the 993 .
    The boxster without 5000 $ worth of options look like Ford Fiesta...

    The Enzo interior isnt luxurious, it never was meant too . But the assembly is pretty good. The only thing i dont like is again the plastic used for some buttons..
  17. So 1.5 instead of 2 time more. What's the difference. As far as I know CGT are still for sale at $500k, while Enzo because of the "more" limited edition is now for sale at just under $1M...

    About fabrication, I was not talking about the interior (who cares?) but the chassis, all the carbon components and all the exotic materials used. This is what is truly interesting engineeringly speaking.
    Do you think I care a bit about the interior of a car that I will never own or even seat in. Do you think that's what true car enthousiast are primarely concerned about.

    My point is that an Enzo is probably cheaper to produce than a CGT is on a cost/unit basis, cost including material,labor and all R&D for the car...

    Again, my 0.02 cents
  18. I really like the 575M. I really like the Murcielago. Both are very good cars for driving every day. I have both. My neighbor has a 550 Maranello and a Murcielago as well. He likes both.

    Now if money were no object and garage space was unlimited I would get the CGT and the Enzo and others just to have. I would also have my Maranello and my Murcielago. These two I would drive every day.

    If I could only have two cars it would be the Murci and 575.
  19. Good choices Ahaas, I was thinking more a E39 M5 and a murcielago, and if only one, then a maranello. Just can't go wrong with the awesome machines they have today eh?
  20. I'd got CGT also. For the money, I think Allan is right, Porsche is unbeatable. For looks and wow factor, Lamborghini. Ferrari (for me) is kind of imbetween the two at the moment. OK, flame away now, but that's really how I see it.

  21. O, come on,.... there have to be more 'honest' women out there than that?
  22. While we're on the topic of super-exotics, there is also the Pagani Zonda S, Koenigsegg CC 8S, Saleen S7, Ford GT and Ascari KZ1 to choose from!

    I have to agree with the person who said that you can't compare the Murcielago to the Carrera GT.

    The Carrera GT was designed to compete with the Enzo and other super-exotics I listed above.

    The Murcielago takes its place alongside the 575M, GT2, Turbo, Vanquish, etc.
  23. As for the Zonda it is always overlooked, quite possible because of the lack of US distribution and legality. But the fit and finish of the Pagani looks at least on par with any other luxury/exotic car maker.
  24. Fit and finish on the Zonda is fantastic. I looked one over very closely and was amazed.
  25. When you buy a Ferrari your not jsut buying the car your buying the name.Everyone knows that and Ferrari knows they can sell the Enzo for more because people know Ferrari is the ultimate car.Id take a Enzo over a Bugatti 16/4 anyday and the Bugatti is by far a S*it Load quicker and around the same price i think.
  26. Give me the Bugatti.
  27. Allan,
    You liked the zonda? I know its quick, but don't you find it very awkward looking from the side? It just looks goofy to me, dunno, maybe in person is it better?

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