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Celebrity Lambo Owners

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarGuru, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I figured we need to pump some juice into the lambo chat so im going to start a Lamborghini Celebrity Thread!

    Miura SV
    Diablo SE

    Elton John-
    Miura SV

    Nicholas Cage-
    Miura SV
    Miura SVJ
    Diablo 6.0

    Dennis Rodman-
    97 Diablo Roadster

    "Hitman" Hearns-
    Countach 2 valve


    Emmit Smith-

    Manny Fresh-
    96 Diablo 2wd

    Missy Elliot-
    Diablo 6.0

    Busta Rhymes-
    Diablo 6.0

    Swizz Beats-
    Diablo 6.0

    Rod Stewart-
    Diablo Roadster
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  3. Frank Sinatra-
    Miura P4000

    Sammy Davis Jr.-
    Miura SV

    Dean Martin-

    Shah of Iran-
    Miura SVJ
    Miura SV
  4. Jay Leno-

    i know i can think of more...i think im forgetting some rock stars from the 80s...

    The lead singer of Duran Duran had a countach but im not sure of his name.
  5. Simon LeBon. I have no clue why I remember that.........

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  8. Is this "has ever owned" ? Just wondering, cause for example the Shah SVJ and Nick Cage's SVJ are the same car, which Cage has since sold. Seeing as you started the thread and listed them like that, I assume this is a celeb that has ever had a Lambo, even if it's the same one someone else had.

    Shaq had at least one. And that rapper who had his wake in his Murci.

    Mark Cuban - Diablo
  9. It must be......

    Sammy Davis Jr. is dead and Tyson is broke
  10. isnt the owner of the Shah ' SVJ on board ? i think i read his post when he just bought the car ?
  11. The Shah's SV #4870 (blue one), not the SVJ (burgundy). ;)
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  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the shah of Iran died 20 something years ago.
  14. so did alot of people i mentioned LOL
  15. either they did...or their carears....

    and yes its of all time...sold or still owned...

  16. DAMN thats a great picture!
  17. I heard Ron Jeremy had a Diablo
  18. HAHA ron jermy, hairest man in porno
  19. Gary Sheffield of the Yankees had a Diablo 6.0 when he was with the Dodgers. Called it the biggest headache he had ever purchased and claimed it spent more time in the shop than garage or road. Following that car refused to buy exotics for a while and stuck to the AMG range of MB and made them almost pimp rides. I do not recall the magazine article, but am pretty sure it was Celebrity Car. In the last issue of celebrity car, Yellow Pages heir is talked about and he has quite an extensive collection. Not so much a celebrity, but certainly a well known man and great collector.

    Momar Quadafi's son has a Diablo VT. An exchange between the terrorist's son and then Benneton F1 team boss Flavio Briatore was written about by Jane Nottage in F1 Magazine. After parking in 3 handicap spots and sneaking into Flav's club through a back door, the F1 boss personally threw the boy out in the street despite the cries of, " Do you know who I am?"

  20. how about Paris Hilton? (not sure if she owns it, but I wouldn't doubt it!!)

    The website with the picture won't allow hotlinking - so here's how to get to it.... (be forewarned - there is one NWS picture at this website... you'll know it when you see it.)

    Go to Google dot com, type in paris hilton lamborghini - the "beefcake" link takes you to 5 pictures - 3 of her in a Murcielago but one is NWS.... If you can figure out how to link one of the "work safe" photos, be my guest. :D I tried it and the link that came up was one of those goofy "no hotlinking allowed dude" pics...
  21. Jesse James(motorcycle builder)

    Elton Jon
    Diablo Roadster(also)

    Manny Fresh
    Diablo Roadster(also)

    Rod Stewart
    Has had a Lamborghini for as long as I remember, Prestige Imports had his '91 a couple years ago...
  22. Paul McCartney

    Donald Trump
    Diablo Vt (weird greenish blue metallic)
    Diablo Roadster (Bright lemans blue)
  23. Was cruising South Beach last night and I believe that I spotted Missy Elliotts Murcielago (bright lime green) parked in front of China Grill.. I had seen once before when I was having my car serviced at Prestige and the advisor told me that it was hers..

    Not a great color but a beautiful car...
  24. Michael Schumacher once owned a Diablo.
  25. quote from the movie Johnny Dangerously "ONCE!"

    Don't know if anyone will get that.
  26. Timing is everything, isn't it? Gawd, I love that movie.

    Vermin: "You shouldn't hang me on a hook, Johnny. My mother hung me on a hook once... once!"

    Kobe Bryant - Yeller Murcielago
  27. I guess that makes two of us who saw that movie..
  28. Trump sold the weird colored blue one a little while back through Bay State Motorsports / Naples Motorsports. They were making a big thing about it being Trump's car. I guess any dealer would anyway. The asking price was $179,995 with low miles. Took a while to sell but it eventually did. That color did nothing for me.

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