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Career for owning a Lamborghini

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by murcielago11, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone, For all you lambo owners here what do you do for a career?, I need some Ideas because I hope and pray to have A Diablo or Murcielago in the future, thanks
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  3. Do what makes you happy and all will fall into place:D Money is'nt everything and once you buy everything that you always dreamed of you realize that your possessions really don't change who you are...My motto on money: It's a cool tool to buy yourself alot of worthless junk:)...Again this is only my thought and my opinion only.

    BTW- I work in the entertainment industry and have to deal with all the Hollywood BS on a daily basis...If I had to do it all over again I would have a career where I am home every night and don't have to always be away for months at a time.

  4. i will work for me
  5. I sell sunglasses. Lots of hard work will get you whatever toys you want, but they are just toys, and in the scheme of things, insignificant.
  6. You nailed it, do what you like to do ,I never thought about Ferraris or exotics when I started my Musical career in the late 70s and didn't come home in more way's than I can say till the late 90s, with that being said.
    Now as a business owner at 44 years old, I have the dream crib, travel,college for my kids my retirement covered etc. I did what I liked to do and what I was good at.
    For me the Lambo is just another hard earned toy, as much as I have always been a motor head "things" just were not my priority growing up, but with it or with out it ,I am still the same Glen just like any body else.

    I think if you base what you do for a living on the stuff you can buy, you are in big trouble just do what you're good at and enjoy it. All of the sudden you wake up and have more than you ever dreamed of ,if I can do it so can you!

    We All Have Are Thing!
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  8. From my experience and knowing others her it goes. Select a job or business which does not seem like work and strive to be the best at it. Add employees and treat them with respect and pay them good wages and benefits. Share the profit when good year's happen, give better than cost of living raises each year and reward individuals who progress with skill or education or in my case State Regristration (Land Surveying or Engineering). Give back to society and thru your Church or other charity a portion of what is not yours to begin with. Give God praise for your life and the many gifts you have and the toys will come. As others have said in the end it's not the toys that make it, but family and relationships acquired along the way!!
  9. Do what you really like, find a way to make money at it, and strive to do it better than anyone else in your marketplace.

    Every day that you wake up on this side of the grass is a good day.
  10. This is key. If we seek riches with the faithful intent to help others and pay tithes, we will be given them, and enough to spare to get some toys and luxuries.

    As for me, I think that the goal of obtaining a Ferrari or Lamborghini helps me succeed because it's a tangible goal to work towards, and it just so happens that if I have the financial stability to (safely) purchase a Murci or Stradale I would also have money to help others out and sponsor charitable programs.

    For the original poster, obviously the main careers are entrepreneur/business owner, doctor or lawyer. The best way to *large* wealth is not to be self-employed or the president of a business, but to own a business system or process. See Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant for details.
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  12. What you sell sunglasses and you have a 6.0 SE!!!! whats the catch did you win money or.....
  13. I have to respectfully disagree with your comments.
  14. lol. No, Ive never won anything. Except Just work real hard, set goals, and evaluate where you are to your goals on a regular basis.
  15. How did you save up all your money? How old were you when you got that fantastic car? How much did you get paid per hour to sell sunglasses? I still dont get how your so rich lol
  16. Well, when I said I sell sunglasses, I own sunglass shops in malls. And I am far from "rich".
  17. Good topic....I also don't agree with the "do what you love and the money will come" approach. If your going into business for example, your better be doing it mostly for $$. You go into business to make numbers, and if your numbers stink you won't be around very long.

    Of coarse if your goal is to just own a Lambo, that's easy, just save and you'll eventually get it, but that's not a definition of success. In America it's still defined by your net worth. Not not how happy you are.

    Just trying to paint a more realistic picture, you don't just wake up wealthy because your doing what you love.
  18. Ditto that from me!! Sounds cynical.
  19. I'm still just Jenny from the block. lol
  20. My issue is that is that I am in my late 20's and since I was 17 I have been working and my life seems to have passed me by. All my friends went off to school partied enjoyed their youth and have wonderful memories. I remember working on a movie set for 12-14 hours a day for months at a time and maybe having 3-6 weeks off bwteen projects. The money is great and all but my most prized purchases would be my homes and the fact that I paid off my mothers and sisters homes before I ever thought about buying my own. I get more satisfaction out of giving money away and helping people out than I do buying myself loads of crap....I have had situations when I buy a car and sell it a year or two and have only put about 300 miles on it:(

    How old are you now and what would you like to do?

    fyi-I have a friend that LOVES to do yard work so he cuts grass for a living, went to A&M for a Horticulture(sp?) degree and does landscaping all day in the heat...He did about $4 mil gross last year but the point is he would do it just for the love of creating landscapes and the satisfaction of a job well done.

    If you are under 25 then don't be in a hurry and don't let dollars sway your emotions:)
  21. Murcie, You're alot smarter than the average guy. It takes most people a lifetime to realize that life has passed them by. But you've managed to figure it out while in your 20s. Congratulations!
    (Of course merely becoming aware of, and acknowledging the fact that life has passed you by, does not mean that life has not passed you by. It just means that you're smart enough to know that it has happened.)

    Have a nice day!
  22. Since you want a Lambloghini I would suggest a career as a

    Gold Tooth Rapper

    Strip Club GM

    Drug Broker

    and don't forget Timeshare Salesman!
  23. Indeed im under 25 I am currently 16
  24. Lol. Nice Ralph. Ralph is a drug dealer, but of the legal nature. LOL>
  25. Ive had the same thoughts as you Murcialago11. How do these people make all this money!!? That sort of thing, asking about their personal lives and how much they make though is a little inconsiderate though.

    I'm only 18, and after what I thought my future career of being a fighter pilot/airline pilot went down the drain (long story), I needed something else to look to for a carreer. At this point, instead of just reading about Ferraris and whatnot on Ferrarichat, I began to visit the business section. I realized that being an Entrepreneur would be something I would love to do. Not any business in particular, but knowing that I own this business, that I am responsible for its well-being and upkeep, and that I am in the drivers seat really grabbed me. Find something like that, something that grabs you.

    Im very frugle, and dont need to KNOW that my 800 dollar check will be coming in every 2 weeks like many people. You have to understand that you will have to take alot of risks, much more so than people working for someone else who KNOW what the day will bring them, and how much will be on their paycheck in 2 weeks.

    Basically there is no 1 occupation that will bring you wealth, just do alot of research and find something that sounds like you would enjoy doing, and do more research and find out how you can make money doing it.

    Myself, my dream job would be to own a General Car Dealership, and then an Exotic Car dealership. Good luck!

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