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Carbon painted Lamborghini?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by GianPaolo, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know if Lamborghini made any cars that were unpainted that just showcased the carbon fiber? Like a diablo GT for example?
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  3. Thanks Richard!!

    Does ANYONE have any other pics? Like of a Diablo? I have pics of a Pagani Zonda and Bugatti in unpainted carbon but don't have any of a lamborghini.
  4. Does not unpainted CF degrade when exposed to sun light? It seems to on motorcycles.
  5. Wasn't there an all CF Countach in Road & Track a few years back? I think I've read stories of Horacio Pagani being at Lamborghini at that time and got a lot of his expertise with CF from that project.
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  7. When unprotected, it does turn a yellowish color. You can put a UV protectant on it and it will stay the same (this is what they do for aftermarket rear decklids and hoods).
  8. It shoulden't. I know people with carbon fiber hoods and bumpers on civics and they seem to be allright (daily drivers). And my cousin has a bunch of carbon pieces on his "Giusepperossa".

    But if your talking about over a period of 10 years i really have no clue.
  9. Any carbon fibre worth a dime these days is made with resin already containing UV protection. They carbon fibre last about 7 years in Miami type sun conditions without yellowing, after that, its a crap shoot.
  10. Would that be Banana Boat or Hawaiin Tropic ? :)
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  12. How much weight does it save? Few pounds?
  13. The carbon fiber fairings on my 748 saved a few pounds and if you replace the tank and every thing I think it is in the neighborhood of a 20 pound reduction. The stuff is just plain light.
  14. It depends on what you're replacing. If you're replacing aluminum body panels, you won't be that amazed with the savings. If it's steel, you'll save a lot. Changing out glass for plexi saves a lot of weight, too.
  15. I saw an episode of Motorsports Mondial on Speedvision years ago that had a bare carbon fiber Diablo. Looked pretty good actually...

  16. Sweet i wish i could of seen it. You wouldn't happen to know if it came out of the factory like that do you??
  17. some pics of a carbon Pagani.
  18. Sorry, what I meant was not painting it. What would the paint and clear coats weigh?
  19. I've always seen CF clear coated even if it's not going to get painted. Paint can weigh a lot depending on the layers. I can only guess you'll probably save something like 30-40 lbs (depends on size of car and coats).

    It's better to reduce any weight that has rotational inertia (unsprung weight) like pulleys, wheels, tires, brakes (CF, smaller diameter), clutches/flywheels, drive shafts, etc.

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