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Carbon Fiber Wheels

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 96cobrakid, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. I have a close friend who may put into production fully DOT legal and approved and tested Carbon Fiber/ Magnesium Wheels. These wheels are a Carbon Fiber Hub with a magnesium center spokes. True 2 piece rims. I was just poking around here seeing if there would be any interest from the lambo community on something like this. Did I mention the rims weigh only 9lbs each.
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  3. What sizes are they, and what is the cost per wheel?
  4. If the price is reasonable, and the styling meets my interest, I'd buy a set for my Murcielago. And, I'll make the car available for photo shoots, so that he can use the sale as a marketing tool. But again, the styling and price have to be right.
  5. What about repairability? Or evaluation of the fiber and matrix after a violent shock in case of non-apparent damage?

    Sounds very interesting.
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  7. Forget it, clip a curb or a pothole hard & they are DOA.
  8. If CF were really viable for wheels on cars, I would expect to see it in F1, unless the rules mandate magnesium wheels. I would be concerned that failures are likely to be catastrophic with CF wheels.
  9. From a design standpoint, I would think that it would be best to have an alloy rim, with carbon fiber spokes & hubs. The alloy rim could be replaced and/or repaired, while the inner carbon fiber structure stays in tact. It would take a serious accident to harm the inner spoke or hub of the wheel. It is the outer rim that would take most of the impact. With this construction, I think 9 pounds per rim is too optimistic, however. Probably think in terms of 15-17 pounds (front) and 17-19 pounds (rear) if you are looking at the sizes that will fit Murcielago's or Diablo's.
  10. I think Chrysler put the 1st CF wheels on a car around 1990, I forget the name of the car, it was a small 2 door
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  12. MUST have more info!
  13. I have a pair of Carbon composite wheels for my motorcycle. It is a carbon composite rim with a magnesium hub made by Dymag. Without the bearings and such the wheel weighs 1.5-2.0 kg. It's impressive but as one poster mentioned, if it is going to fail, it is going to catastrophically fail.
  14. That's why it would be important to manufacture the outer rim with an alloy, as opposed to carbon fiber. In terms of catastrophic failure, it would take a serious impact to damage the spokes or hub area of the wheel.

    I am waiting eagerly for someone to manufacture these types of wheels.
  15. I believe those rims have a CF overlay on the spokes, but you're right, they should look like that.

    If you're talking those weights, magnesium could probably achieve the same numbers. Volk Racing makes the TE37 MAG and they only come in 18" diameters. The 18x9s are 13 lbs each, but I think they only go up to 10" widths (I think they used to make them in 13" widths though, not sure).

    Yea, the only CF wheels I've seen were on a motorcycle, which looked pretty cool. You're right about the failure of CF, it's like glass. Once too much force is applied, it shatters.
  16. Page 59 of this months Issues of Popular Hodrodding ;) Have recived tons of phone calls so far.
  17. Chris, you want to post the details here for us? Thanks.
  18. Some materials are just not fit for daily driven cars on daily driven roads.

    One other addition, as cobrakid posted, 'true 2-piece wheel' isn't too much to brag about. Wheels are typically one piece, and two pieces is when the hub portion and the rim portion come from two methods of creation, or at least, different and maybe just a few feet away in the same factory. When you get into three piece wheels, that's when the rim portion exceeds the maximum width that it can be spun, and thus, two rim portions must be welded together.
  19. Hey Nick, how are things? Do you think this company will consider making a size for the Murci?

    Hope all is well. You planning on doing the Run this year?
  20. hey clax...
    i get the feeling the guy from the initial post is referring to the same company as the guy in my post (same description, both from st. louis). you're looking at well over $10k for all four wheels... but at 8 lbs each it might be well worth it. i'll ask if they can make a set for a murci.

    i don't think i'm doing players run again... too much legal hassle... but then again i said that after the first run. i ended up paying over $3000 in fines and legal fees for just the NJ stop... not to mention the 8 hour defensive driving class.
  21. On that NSX board they state this.

    "We have seen theses wheels knock off a Half Second in the 1/4 mile and reduce 0-100-0 times by more then 1.5 seconds."

    Is that true? If it is that is pretty impressive considering the fact they are just rims.
  22. considering most wheels of the same size are over 20lbs, at 8.5lbs you should see considerable increase in HP to the wheels.
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    I am Curt W and I own the company that produces the carbon wheels....they only weight 8 lbs and are constructed with a carbon fiber barrel with Mag. Spokes. We so far in the last 2 days have sold over 40 sets. and are at least a 6 week wait. The wheels are full D.O.T. and are rated @ 5000Lbs. each. some have said something about failer and I will be the first to say that if the go it will be nasty, however if the go the wheels hit ssomething that hard the car would be totaled from the impact. These wheels have proven to be twice as strong as the Z06 wheels and impact rating exceeded the testing capability of the testing lab. we sent the lab 100 wheels of which ZERO failed any of the test. We also sent 100 Z06 wheels to have the same test ran they had a 63% failure rating. The testing of the carbon wheels went beyond all of the DOT testing for a alloy wheel.... alloy wheels are required to pass 2.5 million cycles, Our wheels were required to pass 5 million cycles due to the new technology.

    They printed the wrong phone number in this ad....the correct number is

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
  24. yes this thread that was posted

    is the correct thread. Machspeed on that board is the one doing the wheels I have been talkign about. All the info he is saying is straight from his mouth. The rims he has right now that are in hand are a set of 18x10.5 and weigh a little over 8lbs. Please don't hessitate to PM me for a phone number or email and I will put you in direct contact. Yes, Murci wheels can be made....

    you beat me to it Curt :)
  25. The carbon can be made in many colors and the spoke pattern can be custom designed to your application..... The starting price on these wheels are 1500.00 for any size and width up to 18X10.5 the spoke design ranges from 250.00 to 1500.00

    The 8lb wheel is our heavist wheel to date and our next gen wheel will have a Titanium hollow spokes and weights only 5.5 lbs, however they will not be aval. for 4 months.

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