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Car Show - Frenchtown NJ 8/14/05

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by wildegroot, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Italian exotic car show - Frenchtown, NJ Sunday 8/14/05

    Save the date: 1st annual Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pantera, Iso Grifo and other Italian Exotics Car Show on Sunday August 14, '05 in Frenchtown NJ.

    Sponsored by Exoticars USA. Details TBA.

    Hope to meet many F-chatters at the show - Sandy de Groot
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  3. I should be there along with Brucey. Sunday's are good for me. :)
  4. Should be there.
  5. Trying to find out if we should have music. Here are the options:

    1) Pavarotti-eque canned music
    2) local grunge/alternative band (waiting to hear their demo CD)
    3) blues band
    4) no music, just cars

    Music or no music, I hope a lot of people bring their cars and it doesn't rain. It's going to be on the school playing field - NO RAIN DATE.

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  8. LOL ! I never noticed the skinny tires! just liked the rear shot of the Diablo. Good eyes, PapaiK. I think the car was getting new tires and had something temporary on for mobility.

    webmaster @
  9. Papaik,

    Those are Countach spare tire/wheel assemblies on the back of that 91 Diablo.
    We did it while fitting new tires to the Diablo rear wheels and took the picture Because it looked so hilarious. Maybe we should have installed a Vespa engine too!

  10. HMM the Sunday before my birthday sounds like a Diablo road trip.
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  12. Details:
  13. They sure look funny on a car like that :).
  14. Great if you guys can all come! Please remember to advance register - details are now on the webpage There's also a guestbook so you tell people what you'll be driving. Fun if everyone made an entry, but the registration itself is by 'check in the snail mail'.

    CU all

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