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Car History Inquiry

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Aug 7, 2004.

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  2. Assuming a strong #2 car, I would put it around the 140-145 mark. The odometer should be in kilometers, so Im guessing they converted to miles. Strangely, I dont know this car. If you could get some location history, I can find out about it.
  3. thanks, A.J. i thought if anyone w/ input, it'd be you.

    i will contact the dealership monday to get some historical perspectives of ownership.
  4. CARFAX Talking CarTM
    The story of this 1997 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO VT (ZA9RU37BXVLA12692) according to our interpretation of the information reported to CARFAX:
    This roadster has had 1 owner in New Jersey. The first title for this roadster was reported to CARFAX by a New Jersey DMV in 1997.
    It has had no minor or moderate accidents reported to CARFAX.
    It has had no DMV-reported total loss events, like a major accident, fire or flood.
    It has a consistent mileage history with no indication of an odometer rollback. The last odometer reading, reported on 12/27/2001, was 6,309 miles.
    It was not reported to a DMV as a Manufacturer Buyback (LEMON).

    CARFAX searched more than 3 billion records from over 5,300 sources and found 3 record(s) for this 1997 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO VT (ZA9RU37BXVLA12692).

    Mileage Reading:
    General Comments:

    03/05/1997 New Jersey
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Caldwell, NJ
    Registered as
    personal vehicle

    03/05/1997 78 New Jersey
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Caldwell, NJ
    Title #ZA9RU37BXVLA12692
    Title issued
    First owner reported

    12/27/2001 6,309 Service Facility
    Vehicle serviced
    Steering/suspension lubed
    Lubed and oil/filter changed


    Looks like a one owner car for all its life. You should be able to get all service records since it's a one owner car. If they don't have them, have them call the previous owner for them, or find out where it was serviced to find records.

    If the maintenance was done you should be good to go.
  5. Splendid,

    Thank you so much for your helpful due dilligence work.
    I will try to buzz the dealership on Monday.

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  7. Good work Ben. The dealer does say he has ALL records.
  8. I got called on that car earlier this week. Car is supposed to be 100 percent. I put in a bid and did not get the car. They are a good group of guys up there and we have done business with them in the past. I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed with the quality of their stuff but make sure someone up there takes a look at it. As I am sure A.J. will agree, sometimes it is the things that you cannot see that will hurt you the most on these cars. It is a 97.5 also so it does have the dual airbags and other upgrades.

  9. Chris, thanks for being a class-act, guy.

    I appreciate your candor and forthcoming testimonial. As you might have guessed, I am getting a real Lambo urge again....Just not certain if I wanted to get into anything older than a 95 or 96.

    Thanks again for the useful info.

  10. Tom, add another 5k if its a 97.5.
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  12. Tom,

    With any Lamborghini, the newer the better. They all hold up extremely well, but the newer they are the more 'solid' they are built and the better the technology has changed and holds up. I won't touch anything under a Diablo 6.0 (except for the LM002), but given a different financial situation I won't go under a 1995 for any reason. 1995 on up gets progressively better and better. 1991-1994, well, not so good.

  13. I agree except for the 94. Two of the best Diablos I ever owned were 94's. The 91-93 were exactly the same, with only minor updates. The 94 was the first VT, and also some good improvements in other areas.
  14. TOm,

    3 ferraris in 6 months and a lambo now? WHen are the divorce papers getting filed?
  15. Not a problem, I just thought I would put in my 2 cents. If it helps you get a good car then excellent, maybe you will trade it with me someday:) Enjoy the car, the roadsters are an absolute blast.

  16. Ryan, you are cold....LOL. Some deal w/ life chaning events through conventional vices. I BUY cars.

    Hopefully, the dust settles soon.....Thanks for caring, guy.
  17. Ok..... We are close... within a few G's.

    I will let you guys informed. You guys know this will get me ban over in the Ferrari section, right? Man, I love those guys too....

    Chris, you are absolutely right. Mark and Dave are top notch and principle folks. If we don't get together today, we will hook up again.

    Thanks to all for your prompt response and helpful guidance (esp. you AJ).
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  19. Oh....MY GOD !!!!!

    Dude, that's just hot....You can't do that to me
    Is that yours?
  20. Stay focused Tom. You have the gun sights on a winner. Black/Tan with low miles on a 97.5. Pull the trigger buddy!!!

  21. Trigger pulled......Will wrap up the details tomorrow.
    Thanks to everyone especially you for your sponsorship and help.
    Glen, I love the yellow SV too, man but this one is "topless"....LOL. I beg for your forgiveness
  22. Almost forgot....

    Can someone provide a reliable shop to conduct a PPI on a 97/5 Roadster around the NYC/Winchester area?
  23. Almost forgot....

    Can someone provide a reliable shop to conduct a PPI on a 97/5 Roadster around the NYC/Winchester area?

  24. as blinged out as it is, i love that roadster!!!
  25. LOL.
  26. Black/Tan with low miles on a 97.5 very nice car. I think that is my favorite color combo. I would love to get copies of the pictures of it if you can get them. I am very envious, but maybe when you are ready to sell it I will be ready for one. Enjoy it and think of me when you have that Lambo induced smile.

  27. Is that on the Island Tom? Congrats by the way!!!! Welcome to "The Dark Side".

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