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Can someone post pics of Murcielago door handles>>>

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by zach_300zxTT, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Hey guys...I'm a new user to this forum and I personally don't own any Lamborghinis. However, I do have a 1994 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo. Check it out at (my website). It's by no means a Lambo, but it's cool nonetheless. Hopefully I will have a Murci in a few years...if everything goes according to plan. Anyway..on to my question.

    I've never seen a close up pic of the door handles/openers (whatever you call them...haha) on the Murcielago. I was just wondering if someone on here can give me a pic of them. I don't know what it is about them...but I just think they look really good....that might sound a bit crazy...haha. If you are can even take a nice looking picture for me to use as Desktop Wallpaper...hah

    Thanks in advance and I hope this forum lasts has lots of good info!!

    -Zach Lindsey
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  3. Hi! welcome to the site, my good buddy has a Z, personally I always like the NSX more interms of overall...well everything, but I respect the Z.

    What HP is your Z putting down?
  4. Boy you are really young, gone are the days when I was a young kid and boy I miss them :( Well, congrads on getting the Z in HS! Did you buy it yourself or parents (nothing to be ashamed of IMO, my parents bought me my first car, I bought my second a few months later to complement my first :)) If your parents did, I suggest looking into the Nissan 240 something or another as a beater for winter. They are good cars and dirt cheap.

    But then what kind of winter do you get in NC? I'm rabbling...

    In a nutshell, good to see young kids on the site.
  5. Thanks for the compliments on my car..I really appreciate it!! Z has about 380hp right now. I've only done a few bolt on mods (JWT ECU, Boost Jets, JWT Pop Charger). I'm saving up for an exhaust. That should be nice.

    The winter was horrible this year. We got four different snow storms, each one brought 2-4 inches. Needless to say...I didn't get to enjoy the Z this winter...haha. And the worst part...winter isn't over yet. When I move out...I'm gonna go to Florida...always warm down there.

    My parents paid for part of the car...yes...I said parents paid for my car. I did; however, pay a few thousand on it, but they took care of the rest. But they've already said they're not gonna buy me a I've decided to get involved in a business of my own. Maybe I'll have one (a Murci) before graduation (2006).

    Anyway...thanks for reading my post!!
    -Zach Lindsey
  6. Awesome! Don't worry bout me on the parents thing, I personally hate people who are close minded about that. The important thing is how you treat it. Most say if you are given something that you treat it like ****, I say thats complete BS. The car my parents bought me I baby like a mad man, but the car I bought myself I beat the living **** out of (comparatively, but still with in reason). (still have both cars, since thanks to depreciation they are not worth the 1000s I have spent to keep them running 100% and looking clean.)
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  8. Yep...I've also heard, many times before, that "if you had to buy it, you would appreciate it" crap. I've never understood kids that intentionally run their car hard and then when it blows up they come crying to mommy and daddy. I think that's BS. And needless to say...I don't have the money to repair my car right I've picked up the habit of "granny driving"...haha
  9. Within reason of course :)

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