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Can someone explain this?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Omerta, Feb 16, 2004.

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  2. :) :)

    Hahaha, thats just a replica, dont worry.
    Someone wanted a water-worthy Countach, so he just built himself one!

    Its really not a photochop!
  3. (corny joke alert!)

    I wonder if his engine is flooded?
  4. i was thinkin it was a replica. i didnt think countach had a sun/moon roof option....

    they dont, do they?
  5. No, I dont think any Countachs (what is the plural of countach?) had a sun/moon roof, the roof was a structural part of the car and cutting a big rectangle out of it and sticking a chunk of heavy glass in that hole wouldve made the car unstable structurally.

    PS, on a related note (kinda), does anyone have a pic of that Diablo Roadster that had a glass panel in the roof? That was really cool!
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  7. wow... so lambos do float!

  8. Its Allan Lambo lettiing us all know that not only can HE walk on water so can his lambo.....

    Or trying to commute off the Big Island.....
  9. It's those crazy Cubans again!!!!!

    Somebody get the Coast guard on the phone........
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    All I can say is... Lotus did this ages ago! Sheesh, it sure took Lamborghini long enough to catch up to Lotus. And boy, what a feat that is.
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  12. Speedy is right those Cubans are good at making old cars seaworthy
  13. I always felt they handled like boats!

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