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Campagnolo Bravo Wheels - Silver Paint Code

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ab Jenkins, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I am working on an LP400S Countach and was wondering if anyone happened to have a paint code for the silver to refinish these wheels. I've done a bit of searching but haven't found anything so far.


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  3. An original paint code probably doesn’t exist anymore. I've put time in researching years back. Do you have an area on the wheels or original spare that retains original paint? If so, have a color made to match. Matching the level of gloss is important as well. Good luck, love to see the results when done
  4. I've gone through this extensively else where. Did a lot of homework. Originally believed the RAL silver I used on my Urraco was the color. While it looks amazing, this is not the silver on the Bravo (and probably not my very early Urraco).

    I have spare bravos and there is certainly little or no metallic in that paint. As a matter of fact, the paint is nothing special, just a silvery gray.

    This is the reason I have not repainted the set on my car. AND that finish on mine is not correct either as it had been repaint right before I took delivery of it. When the time comes I will match the paint on my new in the box Bravo and slip on a set of new sneakers (P7). Best for you to match off the old finish.

    I'm sure there are those who may know or have a connection with Campagnolo that may have answers.

    BTW, what's really cool about the Bravo, though some won't agree, is the rough finish that shows the machining and workings of the surface.
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  5. The magnesium wheels finish were no where near perfect. If you want them to look as they did when new, don't spend the time correcting the imperfections. Peter knows what he is talking about
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  6. The wheels we are working on didn't have original paint on them unfortunately, so matching off of them isn't an option.
    We may have to try and match the color and gloss profile from photos.
    Thanks for the information and advice guys!
    I also think its pretty cool the wheels have a raw and sort of unpolished feel to them.
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  8. Interesting. That is the RAL # I used on my P-250 and, while it looks great, is far from my new in the box old stock Bravo finish. That had far less metallic in it. But hey, it's been a few years, I should re-look at it. Life would be real EASY if all of our finishes line up :)
    I'll try and get some pics soon.
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  9. Peter, trough the rough finish of the Bravo wheel the paint looks a bit less shining and maybe a bit darker.

    Concerning my wheel I know that it is an original spare part from the era after Tecnomagnesio acquired Campagnola.
    Maybe they were once changing the paint code. But if I remember proper the wheels of my Espada and Jarama are also painted in RAL9006.

    Important is to use a proper color swatch painted by real paint and not to use a printed swatch.
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  10. Thanks for the information guys!
    We are having some RAL9006 mixed up so we can do a spray out and examine it.
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  12. DaniT is spot one... even if you were to apply exact paint to the wheels, the material, primer and surface texture will play a roll on the final appearance. Use the paint code for a starting point then match paint it and tune the true color like he has suggested.

    from the cars ive seen, I dont believe the original campagnolo and the later tecnomagieso bravos are the same color. earlier ones are duller while the techno's have more vibrancy.

    I used to have a tecno brochure and spec sheet that i loan out and lost. the campys and technos outside of the face of the wheels are different. they updated and changed the casting process from the dated gravity sandcast in which the earlier had the rough artisan looking surfaces along with coupled with milled near radii-free barrels and lug holes. even the backspoke reinforcement ribs are notably different as i recall.

    personally I would keep them as stock looking as possible. its hard to resist that added bling during restoration for shine and protection. how many nicely restored classics are out there that have be modernized with single stage paint with 2 stage, plush durable leather, thick black powered coated undercarriage or overtly shinny wheels that stray to far from the original appearing specs? I would consider going as far back as to find lead infused red in some of these older classics. :)

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