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Buying a diablo.............

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by schackman, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Greetings

    I am in the market for a Diablo and noticed an attractivley priced 99' SV out on the markert.

    Can anyone provide me info on the pros and cons of a 1999 SV ?

    Besides it being 2WD.................

    I have never owned a Lambo so I have limited knowledge on them besides what I can read about.

    My main goal is Performance, Speed, and Handling........

    Can these cars be easily modded for more output ?

    Thanks !!!!
    Brian (SCHACKMAN)
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  3. Hi Brian.The 99 SV is an incredible machine.The interior was changed from 98,as well as the front lights being exposed.At 530H.P.(conservatively rated),and 3300 lbs,its a speed burner.No negatives at all,unless the 2wd is a negative for you.The car is nimble,lightning fast(top speed at 206-208 range),and one of the best looking Diablos of all time.I like it because of the updates on look,but keeping the RAM TWIN SNORKELS(functional) on top.All Diablo clutches were changed in '98,and it is almost bullit proof.The easiest mods are the exhaust,and filters,which will get you another 50-60 H.P.,believe it or not.You can ditch the 125lb. muffler,for an easy weight gain.Get it.I sent you an email. A.J.

  4. Thanks Alot for your help AJ !!!!!!!!!
    Nice speeking with you.

  5. Another student of Professor AJ's. Brian, please do all your assigned homework and reading! If you have second thoughts and need to cool down, do not look at, test drive a Diablo, or ask advise from any of us starting with AJ and other experts. Mods??? Try the car out as is and you might see that it is more car than needed for most driving. I don't thing the SV is a negatiave. I would have gladly purchased one but only in the right color. Good Luck and you are on one great ride that you WILL enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. BTW you are at the right area.
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  7. I have a 98 SV, and I can't find anything negitive other than the backing up part which takes a few weeks to master, not alot of visibility back there but none the less not a problem.With that being said I don't believe most of us will ever see more than 70% of this cars potential on the street if that,she is smooth as silk at speed ,so far 185mph , and handles like a car several 100 lbs lighter. Drive one and see for yourself ,I can only begin tell you how happy I am to have found an overal package as sweet as the SV .The 99 also has a more modern and I think nicer interior as well, what a car!
  8. I think the Diablo 6.0 is THE car to get. LAst real Lambo with all the updates.
    There is one on Ebay right now with only 300 miles in titanium. Beautiful!
  9. Glen did you really touch 185 in yours? On the street? I touched 150 and was amazed, it just kind of laughed at me, and wanted more.
  10. By the way I've got the sister to your car...ON lambo talk Raymondo
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  12. Yes Raymond I did hit 185mph one evening last week and it felt the same as 150mph does extremely stable, smooth and still pulling hard . I came apon an empty 3 mile 4 lane smooth stretch and just wanted to see how she felt at speed in 5th.As I do enjoy speed I must mention that I would never pass or race other cars at high speed on the street ,I save that for the track.
  13. Agree with that 100%.But how can you resist a deserted stretch of highway,with no one around?I cant.
  14. Yep. Foot goes to floor.
  16. aj, given the choice, would you get a 99sv over the 6.0? i know it would be a tough decision
  17. Wow,that is extremely tough.Probably 20k more for a 6.0,depending on mileage.Its a toss-up.It really comes down to the intended use.Equally as quick,the SV is 2wd,and more nimble.With the AWD,the 6.0 is an incredible road car,we will never reach its full limitations.At least I havent yet.I am going to put the SV twin snorkel scoops on my 6.0,and hook them up as functional.It will be costly,but I love that look,but I enjoy the other things about my 6.0.If a low mile 99SV had been available before I bought my 6.0.............,yes,I would have purchased .
  18. While getting service done on my Diablo today at Nelson Autogroup, a Candy Apple Red 1999 Diablo GT was just taken in on trade. The guy is buying a new Ford GT. Rosso Vik Red, Tan interior (Snow Corn) Red sticking 6000 miles. The car has off white carpet and is immaculate. For that matter the whole car is immaculate with all books, records, 2 owner for $159,900. You can contact Ron Frost 800-606-9595 and let him know I mentioned the car.
  19. The car is listed on their web site @ $169,900 with 8297 miles
    Lists 99' diablo.........not GT ??

  20. do u have any pics of the 6.0 with the scoops?

  21. Can the updated 98 clutch design be fittind into the pre-98 cars?
    How did they make it better?

    I've seen aftermarket replacement parts for the clutuch, has any one company got a better product than the Factory Lambo parts?
  22. I found my car !!!! 1999 Diablo Sv ........Drove out to NewJersey last night to see the car. 1570 Miles........perfect condition. 5 years old and looks like it was just off the showroom floor.

    Should have the deal finalized next week when I get back.........and hopfully get it home soon !!

    What a car !!!

    PS: Thanks for your input AJ. It came in handy!!
  23. Congrats. I was hoping that you didnt like the color!! I wanted it.
  24. How is the deal coming? Do you have any preview pics?? Congrats, I'm sure the enjoyment of the Diablo will leave one permanent smile across your face!! Enjoy and welcome from a new satisfied Lambo owner!!! Isn't AJ awsome in knowledge of this great line of cars?? (Professor AJ, I mean)
  25. Deal is going well. The owner is getting some title issues squared away with Fox Valley (where he bought the car from) and his State (NJ)

    As soon as thats done Im in good shape. He is looking into transport companies he has used in the past to ship the car to me here in Indiana.

    The car is absolutley beautiful ! 1570 literally looks like it never left the showroom.

    I took pix of the car while I was there. You can see them at

    There are a few photos there, along with some other toys.

  26. Dont really post in Lamborghini chat a lot, but just checked out your pictures. Are those all your cars??? If so, thats such an awesome collection you have! Congrats

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