Buying a Diablo causes me to have to build a new house. | LamborghiniChat

Buying a Diablo causes me to have to build a new house.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Just because I have a problem and cannot part with the ZO6 or 360 and least of all the Diablo, I am forced into building a new house. My wife and I looked for any 4-5or 6 car garage houses on the lake we are on and found none. I just so happened to locate a vacant point lot for sale (only one for sale) and just purchased it yesterday after 2 months of negotiating. I'll try and attach a pic.
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  3. Dave, that is incredibly beautiful. Breathtaking!! I particularly like this part of your above statement:"and least of all the Diablo". Congrats on the property.
  4. Wow, your living my dream right now...
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  6. Actually I could care less what the "House" looks like as long as the 6 car garage is included. For people who have followed my dilemma, my wife and her Mini Van lost the middle of my current 3 car garage for the Diablo! ie. into the dog house for a week. I think a perfect garage would have a "prancing horse and the Lambo Bull on the walls.
  7. QUIT STEALING MY IDEAS!!! My friend and I were talking about how we would like our houses to look when were older. And we both ended up just talking about the garage, and this is what we both decided on haha. Left side for 2 Lambos (huge Lambo Bull banner/or a painting on that side of the wall) and right side for 2 Ferraris (Prancing horse painted onto the wall).
  8. Jay Leno said something to this effect one night on his show, "The house is for my wife, I really only need the garage and a cot."
  9. Great Idea!

    The Garage was never a problem in my family, but i know my parents are interested in a bigger house once my dads model/automobilia collection moved from filling a bedroom to invading closets and the living room...hmmm lol

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  11. Congratulations on the new place. It has a great view. I'm surprised there were any waterfront lots left on the lake. I've seen Dave's Diablo around town and it looks even better in person and definitely deserves it own garage space.
  12. The large garage is key. We just finished our house, and its about 2900 sq feet, one block off lake michigan. Not huge by any means, but, we have a 5 car garage. Makes me smile just walking in...and it was actually my wife idea. She wanted more toy/lawnmower space. But off course, 2-3 sports cars will fit just as nicely.

    But once you get a big garage, you won't be able to live without it. We are now looking at lakefront homes, but they all have 1 or 2 car garages (historic area). That just won't do...
  13. dave, you are not paying enough taxes!!! we need to equilize everyones income.. a nice 95% tax rate should do it for you...that way even the less fortunate americans can buy a diablo and ferrari...yours truly, John Kerry
  14. hey Dave that looks spectacular! love to see the garage when its finished.
  15. LOL, I thought this was an official letter from the Liberal Party of Canada.
  16. Georgeous property dude, Build a marina for a few boats there too.

    I think a Italian style adobe house would be awesome there.
  17. Sorry for the double pic post. I'll post updated phots. We met with the architect and all I had to say was that a 6 car garage should keep me happy. I feel a garage spot for the new (my wifes) mini van coming . I'm anxious to start a new thread in the future on help from you guys on the ultimate garage!
  18. Great Quote- I only hope it doesn't come true.
  19. I will have a spot for at least 2 boats and 3 jet skis. I'll bet you guys can't guess what color my 3 Mastercraft boats are???
    Hint: They all go well with my sports car color scheme.

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