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broken down murcielagos?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. the new auto week mag asks it reader if the new murci roadsters price tag is justified.. one reader states he has seen three murci coupes broken down on the side of the road with the hoods up and owners scratching their heads... well this reader lives close to me.... i have only seen i murci on the road in the past three years, and this in the most expensive suburb of wash. dc...i have never seen any lambo on the side of the road broken down.... have three murcis been broken down on the side of road in all of the u.s. in the past couple of years? maybe not.. anyway , this reader is full of it!!! why do people lie in print? come to think of it, i see a lot of bull on the f chat site also, and i dont mean lambo talk!!
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  3. That one reader is likely full of ****. 3 Murcis on the side of the road with their doors and engine covers up? Probably a PHOTO SHOOT. What a doofus.

  4. what a dumb***, he is probably trying to justify to himself a reason for why he cannot afford it with the illusion that they break down a lot.... someone needs to give him a donkey punch ;)
  5. L>>>O>>>S>>>E>>>R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have also seen 1 murci on the road in 3 years. And it wasnt broken down.
  6. That guy is an idiot. and on top of it all, it was printed in the magazine? stupid, that was their fault for even printing that garbage. i have seen two murcielago's on the road in the past year or so, both flew past me at about 90 mph...never have i or will i see a broken down lambo, let alone three!!

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  8. I've seen at least 6-8 Murci's on the road (many of them multiple times) since they were introduced, and never once have I seen one broken down. I've even seen them driven in rain and snow. Believe it or not, they don't melt.

    In fact, the only time I've seen an exotic broken down, was walking home from the bar one night, when a guy asked us to give him a push start in his 308 GTS. My memory was hazy, but I swear the low fuel light was on.

    Back to this case. The guy that wrote in obviously has a chip on his shoulder, and possibly a broken down Ferrari in the shop thats a source of embarrasment.
  9. i think they were probably taking pictures with the engine bay open...
  10. i have seen 7 murcie's on the streets since they came out a few years back and none of them have been on the side of the road. What a bunch of crap
  11. auto week should not have printed an unsubstanciated claim like this... it is irrespnsible and people who dont know any better may think the murcis are junk!!!!
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  13. what head were they scratching?

    if it was mine, i'd totally pop the hood on a busy street and masturbate on my engine. :D
  14. LMFAO, that'd be a ticket for indecent exposure, and possibly speeding!
  15. Unfortunatly I have witnessed 2 broken down and 3 owners called me to find out what it maybe, before taking it to the dealer. One owner is a good customer of mine and has been stuck twice!! So yes they do break down but so does anyother car. More attetion is put on it because it is an expensive car.
  16. Tom, were these early cars? It would be reassuring if they were problems encountered in the initial production year(s), that have hopefully been resolved.
  17. what kind of idiotic magazine editor would print a comment for the whole world to laugh at like that one?

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