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Brake Squeal - Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by clarkster, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. I'm getting significant brake squeal when coming to a stop. Between around 10-0 mph.

    Is this just new brakes settling? Is it Common? Common to Lambo? Is it something I need to have serviced?

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  3. My Murci did that up until about 5000 miles and the technician said it happens on some cars. Must be a German defect.
  4. My Z06 did that a lot, and my Viper does it sometimes. It seems like a lot of high performance cars w/ big brakes do that for some reason.
  5. Tape it and replay it in slow sounds just like Allan saying I Love Lamborghiiiiiiinnnnnnniiiiiisssssssss. ;p
  6. Until you've heard free floating cold MK-IV brakes you: "Ain't heard nothing yet."
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  8. Speaking of that Napolis..I think I saw 1 brake rotor left over from one of my GT-40's (maybe the Mark 2?) Worth anything?
  9. The prob. with original rotors, I have about 40, is that they can be replicated for very little and it would be very diff. to tell them apart.
    Lee Holman probably has hundreds of them rusting away.
  10. He has everything doesn't he?
    I remenber when I was restoring the Mk-2 he had a new Never used Automatic transmission he wanted about $3000 for it. It was developed for the car but never reallly used (?) so I passed on it.
    Yea mine looks pretty rusty come to think of it. My wife is always nagging me about extra car parts so I took them all to my biz and
    have been selling them piece by piece. Cobra stuff brought good money,
  11. I have one of those too. Mine is from J2 the car Ken was killed in. My spares out grew my garage and are now stored in my shop.
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  13. Probably nothing you need serviced at all. The brake pads themselves are supposed to stop you from nearly 200mph, so, I'd think they are a more than street version compound. That being said, they work best, heated up - as opposed to a PepBoys shelf pad. And of course, that means they'll squeak more when they are a) not heated up and not stopping from high speeds, b) not heated up and hit them at low speeds, and c) they'll really squeak hard when you heat them up and hit them at low speeds.
  14. I've only had it once or twice in 200 miles. Have you used ABS yet?
  15. ABSOLUTELY get that serviced! It is a brand new Lamborghini / and your car is still under warranty.

    Is it common? Yes / I've had that problem on every Diablo I've owned. And - if I may add - it SUCKS hearing that high-pitch whisle every time you come to a stop. Bring the car back to the dealer and tell them to fix it.

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