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Blue Murcialago in STL?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 96cobrakid, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know the owner of a blue Murci in the St. Louis area? Raced him on a motorcycle yesterday, just wanted to see if he by chance is on here.
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  3. What kind of bike and what happened? I was'nt racing, but running a Honda RC51 down the highway at 160 a few months ago. He was smart enough to stay 2 lanes to the left and behind me a ways.
  4. Did you win?
  5. I think your better off checking allans web site


    Your not the only one whos looking for a blue lambo. Im still trying to find the owner of a blue countach here in colorado springs.

  6. Whats that site again?
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  8. it was actually my buddy racing. he was on his 02 hayabusa. put it down on the Murci, but still pretty awesome.
  9. Great now i cant post the link to allans web site! who ever erased my must have been afraid that i was going to be taking memebers from here. Someone moded my post!

  10. You're a little behind the times. Most everyone here knows about allan's site. Imagine that, the owner of this site not allowing links to a competitors site. Quite a few guys here are members there already, including myself.

    Release your grip from his nut sack and back away.
  11. Well i know your a member im just a little angry that they blocked the link.
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  13. isellpower-

    competitor? isn't it more of...a contemporary? a "sister-site"? at least ideally?

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