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Blue Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by chrlsstyles, Nov 6, 2004.

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  2. Like the color a lot...but Im not feeling the combination of blue with yellow interior. Sweet find the Gallardo styling!!
  3. Great shots. The more I look at the G-car the more its looks grows on me :)
  4. Ive always liked the blue Gallardo. I think it looks great. The yellow interior is another story. Not really that keen on it. It would be good to see some close ups of the interior.
  5. on sale for $209,999, where were the pics taken? Canada?
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  7. Nice car (exterior anyway) and nice pics.

    But the dealer's lot has all the appeal of a repo yard. A car like that should be in a showroom!
  8. Agreed, I absolutely love the Gallardo's styling and color really accents the lines well. The yellow interior however gets "two thumbs down".
  9. sportveloce - couldn't get interior shots. Wouldn't let me in the car. an EC member saw the car and said it was "hot hot hot"

    MurcieMurcie - car was in NJ, most of the cars at that lot were costly

    THanks for all the comments guys.
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  12. i argree beutifull car by the way man:D
  13. Now that is a GREAT combination. :)
  14. Steve, I just checked your inventory, and I must say, all your cars are beautifully spec'ed out. Very nice!
  15. Hah, always gotta do some advertising!! I visited Sportauto back in July for the F1 viewing, British GP if I remember correctly..(the one wiht the ENZO!!). You guys have a great place!! Keep it up!!

    BTW-Thats better, the yellow interior was a bit much.


  16. I heartfully agree :D
  17. $209K sale price? What was the original? DAMN!
  18. $209K????

    MSRP is only about 190k...unless it has ALL the options...including track sport and cold weather wheels/tires

    and yes...I am always looking for a "low key" way of letting people know where we are. I have bills to pay just like the rest of the population =-)


  19. I am buying a Gallardo and the base price is in the low $160,000s.
  20. Right now all the $190k msrp cars are selling for about $185k out the door with the clear bra added....I guess they are making room for the '05s.

    Any factual info on what the changes for '05 are? I was told not many but to wait and get an '05 anyway....
  21. As far as 05 to 04 differences there isn't any real changes. All the current 04's we have in stock are up to 05 standards ( software upgrades for egear models)

    There are a few more options now availbe to the USA, but nothing new or interesting unless you are a track junkie. We now have the "tracksport" option available. You get a fuzzy steering wheel and sticky tires...ans supposedly with firmer shocks....though I don't see how that is possible


  22. Is a kidney belt included with the "tracksport" option:D
  23. I read somewhere (maybe in Lambo talk) that the new 05's will have a front lifting mechanism just like in the Murcie. Can anyone confirm this??
  24. I hope so. It sure needs it!
  25. erm... ?

    i guess the velcro e-gear paddles are off the option list. :D

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