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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jo2e6y, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. I saw this Black on Black Merc roaster, it at least had 20'' chrome rims, the owner also blackout the front head lights.

    I saw this in Beverly Hills, turing right on rodeo dr. in front of Louis Vuitton this past weekend, sorry couldnt get a picture, while my camera was in my bag, i had to take a quick look before it took off!!
    does anyone hav a picture of this merc or kno who owns it???

    the driver is white, looks pretty buff
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  3. probably somebody's houseboy. :)
  4. What a waste.
  5. Darn...are you sure you didn't catch any pics of that beast? ;)

    You say it had chrome wheels...do you mean garish rap-star chrome wheels? If so, then maybe its better you didn't have your camera...
  6. haha..
    well i didnt like the blacked out lights seriously.
    chrome rims.. i can accept but..these.. exotics i think best is stock. unless some exaust mods.
    first time to see a merc roadster..amazing
    sorry everyone no pics, i couldnt get my cam out intime so i just thought i should take a quick before it went off
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  8. Sounds like the guy with the fake roadster that's always being seen on Rodeo Drive.

  9. That is what I was thinking, sounds exactly like him:rolleyes:

    Most people can't tell a difference if they have never seen a real roadster to compare.
  10. Whats a MERC roadster ?? How do u go from Murcielago to MERC ?
  11. opps sorri about that
    murc :p roadster
    there is a murc roadster???
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  13. 'Murci' is the most easily identifiable short form for 'Murcielago'
  14. If we weren't in the lambo thread I would have thought a MB roadster by the title. Anywho I saw my first roadster in person at the NAIAS. O my. It's just so beautiful :)
  15. i though he meant a mercury or mercedes !!!!!
  16. hahahha sorri about that
    hmm well it didnt sounded too loud..or loud at all so i was guessin it wasnt real..but then didnt thought they made repicas of the merci yet.
    well anyways thanks for the answer,
    so there is someone famous for drivin a fake on rodeo dr. ?hahaha
  17. Yes there is, and he is very proud of it....I was told that he even tries to tell some people it is real:rolleyes:
  18. How long has this guy had it? I haven't seen it yet. Please post a pick I haven't seen a repoduction Murci Roadster yet.
  19. Seriously, have I got this right.... someone has already made a FAKE Murcielago Roadster in the US? ..... blimey thats quick!!
  20. Ade,

    I saw a thread on here where someone was having the roof chopped off a real one. Why, I dont know.

    How is it known that it is not real?
  21. Alright saw my first murci barchetta on the road.
    Blk Blk.
    Big African American Guy driving it on Wilshire Blvd near Ocean in Santa Monica.
    I believe the license had a dealer plastic piece that said DMC.

    DOes this belong to anyone on the board?

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