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Bling Blingin Murci

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SkizoACE, May 31, 2004.

  1. Check this out. Tasteful yellow tint?

    click here
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  3. It's the perfect car for someone suffering from jaundice.
  4. Yellow tint windows? bleh!
    Everything else is fine ... well ... wheels are close to being over the top ...
  5. Very interesting.I would like to see that tint in person.
  6. the wheels are heinous but i like the idea of color-coded window tinting.
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  8. Looks like a Murcie that some over-rated rapper should own. I dont really like it.
  9. It was owned by Swizz Beats. Not an overated rapper, but a music producer. Would U consider Eminem overated? Just curious.
  10. He can be over-rated at times, but I actually respect him because hes on the top of the rap industry and hes a white guy,even though his songs have sparked some controversy, they are catchy, i dont really like rap, but his stuff is ALL RIGHT I will say that. But people like 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes etc. are extrmely over-rated, they are pretty talentless and it sucks to see them with all these nice houses, cars etc and they pretty much talk s**t in thier music, brag about how rich they are and talk aobut all the girls that they have, not realizing that they are on them because they are beyond wealthy and famous.

    I am about 99% sure that a rapper will buy that, if not just someone who wants to be cool. It makes Lambos look like just poser cars instead of actualy performance cars, Im a Ferrari fan but I admit, they are some fast fast cars those Lambos.
  11. It's debatable that he is at the top of the rap industry. He is at the top of the music industry. I agree that is great. He's a white guy. If that means anything to people that LISTEN to music, that's great. Maybe if 50 cent and Busta were white and would write songs about doing drugs and killing their mothers, they wouldn't invite the subliminal jealousy of people to bubble to the surface. These people usually say, "He's over rated", when what they really want to say is, "It makes me insecure to see that you have what I have or what I want". This realization in their minds would of course make that "over rated rapper" equivalent or better then them. This is a hard pill to swallow for most.
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  13. That's beautiful, can never go wrong with YELLOW
  14. F**KING AAAA dude, well said! You get alot of that jealousy S**T on here.
  15. i think it looks nice... i don't understand why everything we don't see as tasteful is automatically called "rice" or "bling"...

    A Lamborghini is an exotic automobile; why not take the unique wheels that it comes with and further specifiy your tastes and own level of exoticacy with them...? What's wrong with them...? Why, as a society, do we have to constantly point and look and stare and make fun of... It's pretty insipid...

    Getting to the rap topic of this already crappy thread, dmii74 is spot on... Just 'cause he's got a LOT of stuff other folks don't have, doesn't give them a reason to be mad; he didn't steal it, so stfu...

    As far as i'm concerned, he's at the top of the industry... When i was trying to get into the industry, he was the only one i feared (still do:))... 50 cent may not be more than your run of the mill rapper, but Busta's talented; it's not that hard to see, either... Eminem is just sick with talent, though... He raps, he sings, he is today's Shakespeare. Yes, i thought long and hard about saying that before i said it and i still feel that way. Eminem is today's Shakespeare. If someone disagrees with me or whatever, you can PM me or start a new thread about this, i'd be more than happy to continue...
  16. "Rice" = Asian
    "Bling" = Black

    It makes subconscious racists sleep easier at night.
  17. Gotta be weary of any Toy Store cars anyway.
  18. I have to chime in the rap thing!!!

    Listening to their records makes for some entertainment...but the true value of music is on stage ... and I gotta say that after seeing back to back Coldplay and 50Cent (live, and no playback) ... I must say the latter has no talent whatsoever. He just shouts in the mic. Coldplay is boring, but at least, it's authentic, and real. Eminem is right in the middle, good writer, good singer, poor musician.

    I'm another one that can't stand the Yo-Rap-Blingy scene, with their stupid pimp-ghetto attitude ... the only reason they aren't chronic pathetic losers to some is because they're loaded (yet less than their managers, I'm sure!!). P.Diddy at least has got it better, loaded, pimpin', but with class ... and the guy actually knows what he's doing in showbiz.

    Flame on! :D
  19. P. Diddy / "Puff Daddy" is actually genuinely intelligent, and it shows in the way he conducts himself.

    While he was still in high school, he ran his own mini-van business. Quite the entrepreneur.

    On the other hand, people like 50 cent, Snoop Dog and Ja Rule are completely tasteless amoral thugs, IMO.
  20. Watch Mos Def in the movie Something The Lord Made on HBO.

    The man is an actor and an MC/Rapper. Brilliant, either way.
  21. That movie was great; he's a great actor; was the perfect host for Def Poetry, too...

    Zorro, Eminem is in the middle...? Are you serious...? What do you know about rap music, you're from Canada...! (JUST KIDDING...! Had to fit into the subliminal racism of the thread...:D)
    In all seriousness, though, i would respectfully disagree, although, i think it just becomes a matter of opinion from there...

    Oh, ok, i see... i haven't updated my copy of the subliminal closet-racist's dictionary yet... i gotta go pick that up... :)
  22. Rap is dead now....its just so much bull**** out there.. if you have talent nowadays your suppose to rap about money,girls,violence...etc. I could only name a handful of those that keep it real:

    Kool Keith
    Kool G. Rap
    The Roots
    MF Doom
    Mos Def
    Ras Kass
    Chino XL
  23. About the whole rappin thing... I grew up listening to it in the 80's and I tried to be "hard" like the rappers in the "Gangsta Rap" era back in High School.... but as I got a little older and rap got worse, I have concluded that rap is tasteless when the artist (or whatever you call them) rap about nothing but blingin, hoes, *****es, murder, drugs ,being insanely rich, etc.... Thats not something we need for our younger generations to focus on. I mean whatever happened to it, back when it had real meaning and was real music? There used to be some encouragement and words of wisdom in rap. Greed took over, I suppose...

    About the tint. I think you can get that yellow tint for about $10.99 at the Flea Market.:D
  24. There was a program on MTV a while back about the "Bling" factor and just how "blingy" rappers really are.

    Long story short, only about 10 rap artists could actually "afford" the lifestyle they portray (as is not by the hair of their b***s). Yes, Eminem and Puff Daddy are two of them.
  25. Horrible tint!! Even more horrible rims!! Truly, a waste! *Thumbs-Down*
  26. I love that guy called Ludacris. Hope I spelled that right. He's kind of a thug be his lyrics make you laugh and he's got good beats.

    My favorite line of his,

    "Your name is fire cause I stomped you out."

    He's funny as hell.

    P.S. I'd drive any color Murci with any color tint. That car is second only to the F40 for raw looks.
  27. I wouldnt say its tasteful, but i do actually like that Murcielago. The yellow wheels are the only thing that make me second guess my opinion. A white guy like me would look a little out of place driving a yellow car, with yellow wheels, and a yellow tint.
  28. oh sorry guys i must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on who is the best

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