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Black Taillights

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by modena, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Hey, can anyone thats got pictures of Gallardos with blacked out taillights please post them. I just saw a picture of black355's white Gallardo SE with black taillights and I think it looks great.
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  3. Not my thing............but everyone is different
  4. imo it looks best on the second lime green SE, only because red tailights on a green car....yuck!!!
  5. I'll take a pass on the black tail lights.
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  7. The black'd out lights go better with the color scheme on the SE's but I really like the smoke'd look on a silver murci, makes it look just that little bit sharper.
  8. I did this on my Ford Escort when I was 17 :D

  9. That's about the right age for that stuff.
  10. reminds me of the little honda import scene
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  12. Blacked out taillights are so overdone on Lambo's. Come to think of it, it seems everyone is blacking out their taillights on other cars as well.
  13. I saw them on a completely black Murcielago Spider today.

    It didn't too bad, other than the fact that it made the drivers bald head stand out just that much more.
  14. How does it remind you guys of the Import sene?. They where the ones who are stealing from the supercars, Lambo doors, ferrari taillights, the list goes on.
  15. Blacked out headlights and taillights were all the rage about 12 years ago in the compact car crowd... as were chrome wheels... and gauge clusters color matched to the exterior of the car... and huge tailpipes...

    [seinfeld]Not that there's anything wrong with that :D [/seinfeld]

  16. I agree.

    Just like the whole "Escalade on 24's" fad, it's just out of style now.
  17. and dont forget the horibble fad of "SPinners"
  18. I think the smoked lights look great on that Orange SE!
  19. They work on the SE due to it's original black paint inserts on various areas of the car, so it doesn't look too out of place. However, when its dumped on any random Gcar it does tend to cheapen the look somewhat. IMO, it works on SEs, and black cars thats about it.
  20. Go drive your mom's minivan, would ya?
  21. Good plan - that way you GIVE the idiot who rear-ends you a viable defense.

    Don't forget a bigger wing, some "ground effects," a "lambo door" conversion, and then auger out the holes for the exhaust to cofee can size so you can put in titanium type-R pipes.

    Oh and shields so you can emulate the ferraristi that insist on putting scuderia cladding on non race cars.

    flame suit on!
  22. Maybe the black lenses are to sinister for some, but for me...they suit my style to a "T".
  23. Yeah, don't forget the shields. And, ya might as well lower it, too. Sweet !! LOL
  24. i honestly think the black tailight look great on the gallardo, because that was alway the low-point for me, the tailights.

    on the murci as well

    now the new LP640 tailight are the **** and would never do that to them.

    but hey, i will worry about that when i get my lambo

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