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Black Miura in Mission Hills - San Diego, CA

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jermdude15, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. While walking the dog today, I saw a beautiful black Miura parked in a garage. I was wondering if it belonged to anyone on this forum, as I would love to get a closer look at it. I myself live over on Pine St.
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  3. Very cool,

    I myself live on Brookes. West in Mission Hills. My neighbor has a red 348ts and a black testrossa. I havent seen the miura, however there are many nice cars in this area.
  4. I drive by Mission Hills all of the time. I have never seen any Miura in that area. There are a few Diablos, Daytonas, 550's etc.
  5. The black Muira in Mission Hills belongs to Vail XXXXX[forgot his last name ]. He ownes about twenty collectable cars stored elsewhere- all black/black. If you are walking in MH stop by 2040 Orizaba if you wont be offended by F cars....or the Dobie.
  6. Malcolm I have seen both of your F-Cars and took pictures of both of them when they were outside (last weekend?). I would love to talk to you about them! I live on 2112 Pine St.
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  8. thats cool, my future car collection will be all black/black cars with one orange diablo 6.0.
  9. Hopefully you are all aware of the get together this Saturday morning (about 7:00, where the Startbucks is) at the Carlsbad Outlet mall. Just a few guys showing up at the mall to talk and meet, etc. We are trying to emulate the Crystal Cove thing, but on a monthly basis. I intend to be there (look for either a Red Miura or a Red F-328). Hopefully we can put a face to the computer name if you swing by. There is another thread with directions, etc. if you need it.

  10. Malcolm:

    I guess I've seen your yellow Daytona outside of the house a few times when driving by. Now I know who owns it (well, at least through the internet anyway).

  11. Alberto do you live in Mission Hills too?
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  13. No. My wife and I have been looking at buying in Mission Hills and so we drive around there frequently. Plus, every time we go to Phil's BBQ, we take our obligatory drive around the neighborhood looking at houses.
  14. Malcolm: Do you have a Bentley Continental GT also?

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