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Black and White Lambos vs NSX,360,P-car,BMW

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Aug 10, 2004.

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  2. Sweet, nice video! Very impressive for the lambo's. the way you see that Murci pull away is intense. NSX not to shabby either very impressive. What happened to the ferrari..ouch
  3. cool video ! Anymore? Wow, the black Gallardo looks beautiful.
    Thanks for the videos, man.
  4. Beautiful Mark. Who said Lambo's weren't for the track??
  5. Very cool vid!

    I know I'm going to get in trouble for this... Did anyone else find the NSX to be the most impressive, considering it has only half the power (exactly) of the Murci? I was suprised all of the other cars faded sooooo much. I would've guessed Lambos to win, but I didn't think the other 3 would be that far back!
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  7. Has this been posted in the main discussion area? For some reason, I have a feeling it hasn't.
  8. For a second... I thought about putting it in the main section. But that would just start a war. It looks like the Ferrari wasn't trying. But for that to be true, it would have to be said that the P-car and BMW weren't trying either.

    I just thought we could keep it amoung the folks that enjoy Lambo, and let the guys that think the NSX and Lambo aren't the real deal....well let them enjoy their ideas.
  9. My observations:

    NSX-R = best driver, most aggresive by far. Great handler. Pretty quick too.
    Murci = very powerful, handling not quite up to par
    Gallardo = very fast all around, probably would "take" all of these cars
    TT = Poor driver
    Ferrari = Out muscled + timid driver. His braking was pathetic.
    M3 = Should be the weakest, but got past the 360 and looked to be trying to get by the TT. Shows how poor their drivers were.
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  11. go lambo...very cool video..obviously driver skill and performance play a big role....i bet the shu-man would beat me in almost any car even if i had the murci!!!themost suprising cars were the m3 and the nsxr....did you notice now quiet the p car was inside... no exhaust note.... one reason i did nt buy one ofr a daily driver... even the m3 sounded much better.. what is the difference between the nsx and the nsx-r?
  12. how was the M3 pulling on the 360??? that doesn't seem right and the nsx shouldn't be that fast should it?
  13. It's not all about the Horse Power.... The NSX only has 240HP!!! That's it!! I own an '03 NSX and am amazed at how quick it is in the corners. I still believe that some of the greatest chassis out there are in the McLaren F1, Elise, and the NSX. I believe that most of the McLaren F1's chassis was taken from the NSX in the early 90's...

    This video reminds me of the Exige taking on an F40 on the track and giving it a run for it's money... 180HP vs 500+hp....

    These videos are great to watch..
  14. the chassis wouldnt explain speed inthe straights, and the 360 has a great chassis, actually stiffer than the nsx, and the 360 s i have driven handled better than the nsx i drove... but the 360 has an extra 100hp!!!! the murci ahs an extra 2x hp!!!! btw, the nsx has 290 hp not 240..
  15. Ive seen this video before (a great one btw), and read some discussions about it. Alot of people think the skills between the drivers was pretty un-even. Clearly one of the best drivers (super aggressive) was in the NSX, I've seen him in other Best Motoring videos, and he always takes whatever car hes in and propels it towards the front of the pack. I think this video shows how much driver skill can play into it.

    Also it seems that the Murci could have over taken the NSX earlier on if he had just stepped on it a bit more, as he only did this once (on lap 3 I think) and overtook it. I think the porshce/modena drivers really stunk though, as they should have been tailing the Gallardo.

    Again, great video.
  16. I think this is a great video. The NSX-R is truly a world class car. It is amazing that it can keep up with cars with 2x the HP. On the other hand, the NSX NEEDS more power. When the road gets straight those lambos can blow by them. Give the NSX another 100 HP and it would be VERY close all the way around. A supercharger NSX-R would give the Lambos a run for their money on that track.

    The biggest difference between a NSX and NSX-R is weight. It has a little rougher suspension also.
  17. Ha Esprit come on now you should know how much horsepower your own cars have. Surely you just made a typo about your nsx right?
  18. I think the NSX driver was the best driver out there. I think the Merci driver was just being cautious, as well as the Gallardo driver. I think the Ferrari driver was horrible.
  19. Great vid. With more aggressive driving, the Murci and Gallardo would have seriously pulled much more distance on the rest of the field. NSX was impressive, but the driver was pushing incredibly hard.
  20. You guys are discounting the NSX too much. Granted, I too believe the best driver was in the NSX, but that was an NSX-R ... not a regular NSX. A little over 300 horsepower and if I remember correctly about the same weight as an S2000 (2500 lbs or so). Carbon fiber body (all of it), carbon fiber seats, lightened everything, adjustable rear wing (also carbon fiber) ... it's Honda's latest greatest. In Top Gear's latest test of the new C6 Covette, the NSX-R trounced it in a half-mile drag race and would have embarrassed it in a road race of any kind. That was NOT the NSX we get here in the states.

    Bill in Brooklyn
  21. Granted it was the R version, but in the video you clearly see the NSX-R driver doing some pretty hairy maneuvers to block out the other cars. It was clear based on the other drivers' verbal reactions that they were not willing to risk the situation as much as the NSX-R driver. No doubt a capable car, but once the Lambos are in front of the NSX-R, it's game over. A few more laps, and the NSX-R would have been trailing significantly.
  22. Lambo rocked it out. Clearly the pinnacle in todays automotive world.
  23. These Japaneese videos are bogus. They always show Japaneese cars, mainly the NSX, keeping with, if not outperforming, cars much more advanced and powerful than it is. They cater to the inferiority compex most NSX owners seem to have, and while I do like the NSX (never driven one) I have to say "c'mon..."

    This video is just as bad as the Top Gear "drag race" from last week.

  24. Hmm... I guess you missed the one where the NSX-R got its ass handed to it by the GT3 and 360.
  25. The two Lambos- Japaneses Cars ??? LOL

    Why did the Japs let the Italians win? ...oh but not the right Italians? :)

    (Sorry Luke, I'm just teasing)
  26. The new vette supposedly runs a 12.7 quarter mile. Whats the NSX-R run? Top Gear tends to be very non scientific with their runs/reviews. Which I like, but it can sometimes be misleading.

    I do agree that the videos tend to be a little "off" at times, but I dont think they do it on purpose. Probably just unbalanced drivers ability wise. I believe the NSX is a great car, and I think if this video shows anything, its that a great driver can take a car thats fairly out classed, and put it to the front of the pack. While a crappy driver can take a great car (Porsche turbo/360) and do horribly.

    But lets not start bashing NSX owners though, thats just stupid.

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