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Best year for Diablo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by spyderman33, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Well I have started to do my DD (due diligence) for my next acquisition and I wanted to ask if anyone had any insight on what the best years were for the Diablo..

    By best years, I mean maintenance wise and of course feature, performance..

    I assume that the newer the car, the better it is but there may be a batch after a certain year that the cars came out really good..

    Thanks for the help..

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  3. The 6.0 cars are wonderful.
  4. Yes, the 6.0 cars have the best interior, carbon fiber and all. The ultimate Diablo is the 6.0 GT, it's breathtaking.
  5. 6.0, unless you want to take the top off, then 99 roadster.
  6. I would go with the 6.0... the best performance/looks with some of Audi's touches in the final batch.

    Good luck...its an beautiful car!!!

    Photo's when you get it, please!
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  8. The Late 6.0's are fantastic cars, cleanest and fastest of the lot. Take a look at old issues of EVO magazine on that car.
  9. Agree with everybody else. 6.0s are the best Diablos IMO.
  10. The 6.0 was introduced in 2000, correct? I think they made it for 2000 and 2001?
  11. The best of the lot is 98+ when they introduced the variable valve timing.
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  13. 98+ is best bc of what allan said, and bc that was (i believe) the last year and only year with vvtiming, AND pop up headlights;)
  14. The best one is the one you can pay for.
    I wanted a 2wd and I could only afford a 1991.
    SV was out of my price range.
  15. The 6.0 GT is an incredible machine, the best diablo imo. I don't like the look of the regular 6.0 for some reason, so I would have to go with 99 SV as second choice.
  16. Save "tens of thousands" over the 6.0 and get a 92-93-94.

    See how you like it first as IMHO they all cost the same to fix (read thousands $$$) and if you need to resell it, the hit, (if any) is going to be smaller and the resale probably faster as it is less money and appeals to a broader market.

    They are very durable cars in my experience, and I'd rather end up knowing that if I didn't like it with half the amount of cash invested in one, that I could have always felt worse by having twice as much $$$ tied up in one.

    You can always trade up.
  17. The Diablo GT is the baddest - the Diablo SE Jota is the maddest and the Diablo 6.0 is the best all-rounder.
    Fab cars all three of them! Get the 6.0 if you want to actually use it - get the GT is you're crazy amd get the SE Jota if you like a 600hp+ delivered in a tiny range of 5-7krpm !!!

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