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Best Sources for Parts, preferably in the US

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by Naparsei, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. Hello,

    I own (recent purchase) an Islero S which has been off the road for decades. It is "mostly" complete (interpret that how you will) but I am in the hunt for the parts which I am missing. Any recommendations for vendors who stock parts for the these cars would be appreciated. The foremost interest at the moment is finding a shifter (the entire mechanism).

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  3. You will find the parts for the gearbox to be same as Espada/Jarama.
    If Lamborghini still has them the last price I have is$3300.00
  4. Has anyone had much luck getting parts or help from Polo Storico? Chadbourn, do you have a contact there? I would consider that price.
  5. I really do not know them, but have heard it is very hard to get to them.. Besides any part that Lamborghini still list as a good number I can get it, and you do not have to go to Italy to do it.

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