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Best Radar/Laser detector

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JimmyJ, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. What are your opinions on a good detector. I'm considering a Concealed V1 (
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  3. please, for the love of all that is good and holy, search the archives.



    ps: or just buy a v1 and be done with it.
  4. V1 is awsome. I have one and it works great. .
    Most Lambo owners that i know have it
  5. V1, ignore the rest. See my website for mounting pictures, I have the wires hidden, happy to show you how.

  6. Thanks Ben, your website is where I found out about the V1. To be honest never heard of it, and was considering Escort or Cobra. Just reading all the submitted stories on their website, and I decided to buy the V1. I have an hour long drive from the southern end Denver to downtown Co Springs with State Patrol at every bridge, curve, tree, and bush. I've been fortunate not to get a ticket yet, but I don't feel like pushing my luck anymore.
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  8. Jimmy J, you may want to do some research before you go the V1 route.
    Granted I am biased as I sell the new Bel Pro line but we have installed three of the remote pro units two in V1 owners cars and they are very pleased.
    The dash top pro unit will pick up the new released POP radar which the V1 will not. Check out for dash top and remote comparisons. The ones we installed had the laser blocker system as well.
  9. Thanks Bob for linking me to those two sites. I will do some more research before I actually commit to a radar/laser detector.
  10. boy i hate posting this a zillion times all over the internet... is run by a radar industry consultant - who does not do any work with valentine but who has done and/or does do extensive work with cobra, bel, and escort.

    myself and others have REPEATEDLY asked these guys to clarify their involvement with the companies whose products they have evaluated and they have never ever once answered any such request (dozens and dozens by now - if not many more).

    autobahnpower simply reprints data from radartest (which they attirbute accurately).

    so, caveat emptor. don't believe everything you read on the internet (including this post!).

    no other magazine, site, individual, or group who has rated detectors has generally rated the V1 as low as the radartest guys have. and if you cross-check radartest's results against these other sources (which may also not be entirely subjective) you'll find a gross miscorrelation of a few units. something is awry - i dont' know what it is and radartest ain't talking.

    for all we know, the V1 guys are paying off everybody else and radartest is the only truly objective data source - but that seems improbable.

    there's a whole back and forth on and about this issue - it doesn't settle anything. however this snippet of text written by Craig Peterson on is patently untrue:

    But nobody had asked and frankly, no manufacturer but Valentine has ever expressed a concern over my consulting, either before or since that 1996 statement.

    this is entirely false. i for one have asked (completely non-aggressively) for clarification on this issue. dozens if not more people have asked from,, and this site as well. nobody gets a response.

    for all i know he does the best testing and has the best methodologies (and he has declared V1 a winner in the past (he does a lot of these shootouts) for mags, etc.). but something doesn't quite smell right.

    i compared V1 to K40 and V1 to P8500. i actually purchased a V1 and returned it thinking i was going to go P8500 when it came out initially, and then i ended up buying a V1 again.

    all these guys have return policies (installed units notwithstanding). buy a bunch and make your own decisions about who has the best filters, the best range, and the best UI. make the investment of time - if you choose wrong, it could easily cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over the years in fines and increased auto insurance costs.


  11. IIRC I thought I remebered reading somewhere that there was some update you could do to the older V1's to detect POP??

    I'm pretty sure that the new V1's detect POP, but please don't quote me on that.

    While it would be a PITA I bet you could beat a POP ticket by just stating all the facts to the court? Check out this link and you'll see what I mean.
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  13. Valentine is the way to go IMHO. I have one hardwired in all of my cars and it has saved me many times.
  14. Just laid out the $408 bucks for the V1 (shipping) after borrowing a friends for the ride up to Lime Rock-- WELL WORTH IT, wish I had one before I got my 89 in a 40 last year...
  15. Wireless Escort Solo2..Screw the wires, and move it from car to car.

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