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Best Pre-Owned Lambo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Wildwarrior, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. I really like the newer Diablo Roadsters , but haven't had a chance to drive one yet. I just fit in my 512TR at 6' 1" and 220 lbs,are there any Lambo models that have a bit more interior room than my Ferrari 512.Also any experience as to what years 98, 99 ?,fair price & inherent Lambo red flags other than the obvious pre-owned things to look for would be grately appreciated.In the mean time, I will continue research mode.ThankX! Glen
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  3. You should probably PM AllanLambo
  4. I think that the Diablo 6.0 is a killer car for the money and other than clutches (which reportedly are fin if you know how to drive properly) they are great cars. I have driven one extensively back to back with a Murci and I would take one over a Murcielago, especially given the prices.
  5. 98+99 are prob the 2 best years for Lambo Diablos. The engines are bullit proof. The 6.0 is great also, but ive heard of some having problems with crank vibration.

    Whichever you choose, they are great cars, and require much less maintenence than a Ferrari.
  6. It would be worth your time test driving a Murcielago. I am 6'2 and only fit comfortably in the Murcie and in my Maranello. Both are easy to maintain. My personal belief is to save up for the right car rather than settle for a lesser car sooner. The Murcie is a show off. It goes like hell and is awesome to look at. The Maranello is almost as fast but easier to live with. Try both.
    From a construction standpoint the Murcielago is completely different than the Diablo, a much stronger frame and more refined engine. The interior, especially in two tones is hard to beat.

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  8. VERY, VERY nice combo!

  9. Your car is the reason I work hard! I have loved the Murcie from day one, and you have the BEST interior combo I've ever seen.
  10. Thanks for the input guy's,it is all helpfull.Now I need to drive a few, including the Murcie, what a sweet car. As much as I love Ferrais ,that Murcie has the lines of ,I can't describe it.However quite a bit above my $160,000 to $170,000 toy window.
  11. Awesome, awesome car, always loved yellow and the two-tone is cool! The wife ain't too bad either! LOL
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  13. I agree. It would be tough to top that perfect two-tone interior IMO...

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