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Best Lambo chat board?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Allan or amnyone..
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  3. Youve got pm.
  4. allan,
    we have to pump some life into the other board! Its so quiet for years at a time!
  5. Apparently, it's still
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  7. Actually the forbidden L-talk does pretty well.
  8. nah, i like www . whitelambowithricerstickersonitsdoorsandblingblingchromewheelswith10scoopsand4spoilersthathasneverbeenonatrackposer . com better! LOL

  9. Theres so few Lcar owners, I check daily to see whats up, but usually I see more technical issues, its shame, its a good board, everyone there has owned many cars, very helpful and fun to talk to.
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  11. how about wwwanyonecantrackaposergirlybanana360thatgetsblownawaybystockcorvettes com
  12. Its not as busy there as here, because we're not constantly making up topics like Lambo vs Ferrari. We know we're the best.
  13. Ya seriously!!! The "why isnt Gallardo selling?" Thread has turned into a war...that will not end! Who do these Ferrari guys think they are??
  14. Since you saw my car at the Italian Fest. Do you know who the guy was in the yellow roadster that was kicking the crap out of the 360 out at Moroso? It said 530hp on the side? He was pulling the 360 Challange cars down the straight.
  15. L-talk is all we have. this is a fun board but when we had serious tech questions, we usually get answers. Who's else is going to answer ?'s on my 78 lp400s? No one. Peter K. in CT.
  16. I think there is a lambo owner around where I live (monroe, louisiana --yes, it sucks). I have never seen it, but I have heard of a guy that has a couple.

    I would love to go for a ride in one. The closest I ever got was a ride in a countach kit car with ah 350HP v8. (i was 12 and thought it was real).

    Maybe one day...
  17. Ya it was a young guy, he had checkerboard across it?? leading to a 530hp on the back.... MoMo shift went to the toy store they tried to sell it...hmmmm
    let me ask my dad.

    Were you there when ray had his SVR??

    I am trying to remember what year Italia Fest that was...ahhhh...

    Do you remember Richard Garbers Black on Black SV...? He had a camera in the rear wing going to the Alpine CVA 1005...bad ass...
  18. Yes, thats the car. I saw the Sv-R.

    Richard Garber was also the guy who owned the modded 94 30th SE that Robert Ball did. That car ran like a$$. He said he got rid of it, because it never ran right.
  19. Ya my dad has two other earlier lambos and wants to get a diablo to keep in the collection. Not just one to buy and sell, (like a roadster or VT) something crazy and we were interested in Garbers car. The car ended up getting keyed by his jealous ex wife, and garber then bought a 6.0 black with black and yellow. Ultimate had that car for sale 6 months ago. Garber ruined his SE, and the only other black one left was Steve Weisfelds car that is Black on Black. Another promising diablo for the collection but that car has had the engine out of it...and who knows whats wrong...

    Italia Fest is 2 weeks from now!

    too bad your so far! Id say we'd have a Lambo Convoy of Diablos (including Glen Marcus Purple SE good friend of ours) to Cavallino this weekend and then the next italia fest, show these F guys whats up! hahahaha talk to you soon!
  20. If you could, take lots of pics and video and send to me!!!!
  21. definately!
  22. Andrew, did you start that one too? Cool if so, you do a good job and have a good level head vs. L-T's JRV. Doing LC as a favor to some users I realized that FC was still getting more Lambo traffic, so I got smart and decided to just keep it all here. I can open up a Lambo specific forum, but seems like keeping all the comparison stuff in GFD and Lambo specific stuff here in Other Italian works just fine.

    If Andrew of FF fame is running, I highly recommend that site.

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