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best diablo to get, dollar for dollar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, May 8, 2004.

  1. what is the best year and model to bet for a diablo, dollar for dollar?it would be nice if had few relialbit y issues, good performance for the dollar, and nice drivalbilit...closer to 100k than 200 k spent would be a form thelambo boys would be appreciated...then i can narrow my search..there are far fewer lambos than f cars out there so it takes more time to find the right car!!!!!
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  3. I dont how reliable they are, but my favorite Diablo is a 2001 6.0 VT. They had a better looking front end, a little more power, different interior styling, different styling in general. Nice cars they were.
  4. I'd like to know more myself. Can someone help break it down. Here's a start....

    91-93 most problems?
    94 some improvements made?
    96-98 best buy for your dollars?
    99 we get the open headlights (which I don't like)
  5. 1992 2wd with chain tensioner update and no cats. You can find an excellent example anywhere from 85K-115K. 115K being a one owner as new car. This is the best value. It may even be one of the best
    sports car values anywhere. It is approx 30/35K more than a new Z06. You may run into some more reliability issues vs the later models. It sure leaves a lot more $$$ for maintainance. They will run with almost all the Diablos. They are even faster than quite a few other Diablos. You will get your money back when you decide to sell. The 6.0 is quite heavier than other models. The 6.0 is a very good value as well. The 6.0 is really a completly different Diablo.
  6. Value and Lamborghini ussually don't tend to go hand in hand but I think ralfabco has picked the correct motorcycle.

    Be aware that there ARE beater lamborghini's just like any other car. Just becasue someone could afford the car doesn't mean they took care of it.
    There is ine in my village that is REAL but is so beat you'd guess it was a kit car just looking at it.
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  8. I am trying to understand how the 01 Diablo has depreciated such a large % off sticker compared to my 01 360. The Diablo is much more car (weight and steering heaviness) than the 360 but totally different. Lamborghini didn't flood the USA market with only 130 00 and 01's. So why the depreciation?
  9. There are alot of Diablos that have had the pizz beat out of them,probably as a percentage very high to the production.I have had most year models,not all.Generally I would say this.Anything before a 94 has PROBLEM potential.Not to say there arent "values",but the old saying "pay me now or pay me later".The 94 introduced the vt,and some other important upgrades.You can get a decent 94 vt in the 115 range.The 98's saw a different clutch,which carried thru to the 6.0.It is the same part number as the 550 clutch.Stay away from roadsters if bang for the buck is important.Below is my short list of top "values",price versus what you will get.

    1. 6.0
    2. '94 se (you have to want a street racecar)
    3. '99 s.v.
    4. '98 s.v.
    5. '94 vt
  10. The visible carbon fiber is simply awsome and cannot be described.
  11. Oppie Hayabusa = animal / Milenium Falcon


    I guess I should not argue with you too much. You did rate my car above Allan's. That is a complement. The 92 car that is "sorted out," should provide more bang for the buck over the 94 VT. That is assuming you do not mind 2WD and no P.S. I do not like P.S. You could still find a very good 92 for 85/90K. You would have to spend quite a few more dollars to obtain a good 94 VT.

    Yes Dave that C/F is awesome. I do not know why the 6.0 has depreciated ? People are missing the boat on that one. That car offers so much.
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  13. Used Diablo's vs. used 360's? Similar initial costs. Boy what a difference in cars. Used Diabo's to me, seem to be a great value/performance for the money! Until I compared the Diablo vs the 360, I did not think there would be as great a difference in styling as there is.
    Don't bash a Lamborghini until you drive one, likewise don't bash a Ferrari until you drive one!! I love them both. There like children, you have to love them all equally.
  14. which year diablos had power steering?
  15. All VT's had power assisted starting in 94.The 94se still had mechanical steering,and in 95 all Diablos had power.

  16. A.J.

    Unfortunately my 94 SE has power steering. Probably the ROW (OCONUS)
    cars had mechanical steering. The US always gets the watered down hot
    cars. No sense in giving the Americans, too hot of a car. I do not like
    power steering.
  17. Damn,the one I drove at Road Atlanta didnt.I assumed none of them had it.
  18. What ralfabco said.......110 % on the money..........not having power steering is no big deal either, I've driven both and prefer the cars without.......

    They'll all cost the same to fix when they break......and they will break eventually, cars why pay more unless it's a really unique and limited edition version that actually has some collectability to it ?
  19. thankd for the info you perfer the power steering?
  20. Thanks Keith.

    Anyway A.J. is 100% correct about how the car he drove did not have P.S. The car is not supposed to have P.S. I am sure the customer could order the car with or without it. There is actually an American SE 30 with factory power windows. The car is supposed to be equipped with just the small manual roll down windows. There are obviously other variations available one could ask for. Some cars did not come with the racing seatbelts.
  21. Yes,I do.But alot is personal preference.I find the Diablo is alot to handle on the street normally,without the P.S. makes it a bit more difficult.
  22. I have to disagree.An earlier Diablo is more expensive to fix,no doubt.It has many more potential issues that can bite you in the azz.And as Ive said,the power steering is a personal issue,but makes a huge difference in the feel of the car to me.A good friend of mine just purchased a 91 at a bargain price,and has just finished a $20k service and update.Alot of things were improved starting in '94.I have never had to have a major service on any 94 and up I have owned,and I have logged alot of miles.
  23. A.J.

    Does the fact that my car has factory P.S., add more salt to the
    wound ? I will trade you for a purple one with no P.S.

  24. The wound is festering more every time you bring up this whole sorted affair!!
    How about a beautiful 88.5 YELLOW countach?No power steering!!

  25. Hey. I will keep quite. (from now on) ! I just had a white 88 with no P.S. Fun car to drive. I wish it had more top end. Bad aerodynamics. Sure would love to have one with the original Euro down draft Weber set-up. Ohhh Ahhh.
  26. Ok Ralph.You drive a hard bargain.$50,000 cash,and a player to be named later,or the #1 draft choice in 2007.

  27. I am in.

    O.K. Only problem is what happens if I cannot sign the #1 draft pick ?
    Keep an eye out for the rare 4 valve downdraft Weber car. Those early
    LP 400's are nice and very collectable. I want one.

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