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Best color combo Merci

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by AntonyR, Sep 17, 2004.

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  2. i dont know, but white doesnt do it for me in sports car, any sports car..some luxury cars look great in white and so do vans, but i will take my murci in orange with 6speed please...make that pretty please!!!!
  3. I too love the Orange pearl but the white on red looks great!!!

    See you at Gucci:)
  4. When I was at the factory they had a right hand drive Murcie with the following:

    White Pearl Exterior ( a 15k upgrade if I recall correctly from my conversation with Ms. Lloyd)
    Red Leather seats and lower dash and center console with black stiching
    Black Door Panels with Red inserts and the top of the dash was black
    Black carpets with red piping and stiching.

    wish I would have take a picture of wife and I both agreed it ws the most stunnig Murcie we have seen.....don't think I would want to own it, but I would love for my neighbor to buy one like I could look at it all the time


  5. Since you said "pretty please". Roof scoops will be on tomorrow!!
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  7. I really like fellow F-Chatter AEHaas' Murci!

    Classy car!

  8. Thanks Buddy. I really like your car too!! Only make it YELLOW, with RED interior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps I like his car too.
  9. Stunning interior!!
  10. AJ, Can you post the wing details, cost availability and project scope. IMO it's just what the Murcielago needed!!
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  12. I really cannot decide between the yellow or the pearl orange....its a tuff one
  13. Thise are the first aftermarket Murcielago rims I have liked! And the color combo is frigin awesome!!!
  14. I just had delivered here in the UK 2 weeks ago a pearl orange Murci with the same interior cobination as Ali Haas' car as I liked it so much. It looks wicked!
  15. I'll take mine in the usual black/tan 6-speed. Nothing better imo, well...except maybe an orange/black 6-speed....:)
  16. Viper Green. W/Viper Green special order interior.
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    They had one at Lamborghini of Chicago.

    - Thanks Burnout.

    I always end up with the plain vanilla colored Lamborghinis.
  20. Hi Ralph:

    Yep, that's the one we had here. We originally ordered it for Missy Elliott. She then traded it back to us when we sold her a blue Gallardo. The green on green sure was wild looking!

  21. Michael - Bill and I were within 15K of closing on "that" car !!!!!!!!

    I purchased a collector grade SE 30 instead. Car has 2,700 Kilometers.
    Thinking of a Murcie 6-speed !!!
  22. Ralph, I remember. Let me know if you want a Murci; maybe we can work it out this time.
  23. Michael:

    The only cheap (LOL) Murcie you have is the 02 orange ?

    I like low miles.
  24. I have that one and some low mile 03s.
  25. Michael, we had a big discussion in the Canadian section, but we're pretty sure that the 'ex-Missy-Murci' is now in T.O. I saw it once, and it is an un- ****ing - believable colour!

    Ralph, no prob!

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