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bentasm1's 6.0...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JimmyJ, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. OMG, I'm not a big fan on the Diablo's or yellow cars, but Ben's pictures of his 6.0 really made the car even more appealing to me. I might look into getting one myself. Thanks Ben for the great pics on your website!
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  3. You underestimate the POWER of the Dark side.
  4. his 6.0 is truly stunning. i guess it helps when you take 90 pics of it. lol.
  5. LOL. Isnt that the truth!!
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  7. O thats it?

  8. Oooooh, Pearl Yellow! If there were ever a perfect color for the 6.0, it would be a close race between this and Black.
  9. Am I the only one to think those pics are crappy? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he put them online at good resolution and all ... but come on, some he cut off part of the car, the scenery is lame ... and pics look good when you are at the height of your object ... not higher like all these! :(
    I still saved a couple :D
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  11. does anyone else think its a little cheesy to put the MSRP on there?
  12. What a nice treat to see a thread about my car. Thanks guys. :)

    Doug M -- I didn't put the MSRP up at first. You can imagine the amount of email from regular surfers on the web..... Most common question? "How much!" So, there is the price. Nothing wrong with having it up there. Also makes it fun to document it, why not online?

  13. Zorro -- The scenery is lame? The pictures are from in my driveway you doofus. I'm a fan of constructive criticism, but hello? If you wanted pictures on the beach submit your $19.95 plus shipping and I'll go out and do it right away -- but only because you don't like my driveways scenery. If you want to come to Sarasota FL to take new pictures knock yourself out.


  14. I love that car. It was killing me to not bid on the one from PA on ebay a few weeks back but I don't have the space until I sell the Ferrari. Anyone know who got it and at what price? Almost the exact car but had a wing and yellow piping.
  15. jeff; if you don't mind high miles (30,000) there was one in Montgomery AL that was on eBay. The wheels were painted yellow but the rest of the car was 100% identical to mine in every way. Even the same exhaust. If you searched on eBay for completed lambos it may show up there, or an andale search for diablo 6.0.

    The yellow wheels, well, you must have a stomach for a *lot* of yellow. I didn't ;)
  16. Still haven't unloaded the Ferrari. Been too lazy lately. 30k is too much for me. I would go 10 or less when I am ready to do the deal. The one in PA seemed to be in such nice shape and more importantly a no stories car that it was hard to pass up.
  17. Ben, that car has been sold twice since it was on ebay. Last time was at 150 after 15k worth of work.
  18. lol. Yeah, I get that alot too. I take most of the pics in my driveway, and some guy told me I needed to find a better place to take pics, that the cars were worth more than the Julien doesnt always say the right things, but he's from Canada.
  19. That's what is funny when someone spends a low dollar on a Diablo thinking they got a deal. It'll still cost the same -- the question they need to ask, is do they want to pay the full price up front to the dealer, or buy from an individual for cheaper and then put the other money in it for repairs? :)
  20. Those hires pics are cool Ben. I didnt know the Paint was so nice!
    Im goint to get a 6.0 one day and race it out!

    Very Nice!
  21. aaaaah ... didn't mean to be that harsh ... don't take it so bad. Never meant you driveway or neighbourhood was crap. What I meant is that the pics are ... hard to describe ... kinda like if the car was squeezed into the frame. I dunno your lens, so take it for what it's worth, but a picture from where the boat stands would have looked great, where you could see the car and a bit around. Especially from down low. Sure your neighbours are gonna think you're weird ... but they'll get over it. Been there done that :)
    Perhaps the lack of skyline is to blame, but the pics look cluttered too. And they desperately need some nature in it. Concrete, house and road are all some pale shade ... there's a terrible lack of contrast.
    Nothing actually wrong with driveway pics ... it's just that they rarely offer a good scenery for car pictures.
    Wanna look even weirder to your neighbours? Drive the car on the grass to take pics of it. The green/yellow will be outstanding.
    And I'm not familiar with FL sun, but these look like they were shot in early afternoon, under blazing sun (and direct sunlight). I like to shoot pics much later in the afternoon. Best is very early morning, but you'll never see me up at 4:30am, even to take pictures of a nice car :)
    This picture I like a lot ... IMHO, shooting from that height makes it much more ... uh ... "dramatic" or impressive. That's why cameras with tiltable screen are awesome. Stand up, hold camera at thigh level ... and snap great pics. Add a bit of depth to the background, and that would be an awesome picture.

    19.95$? Is that all it's gonna cost to be towed off the beach? LMAO! If I wasn't 2k miles away, I'd gladly meet you somewhere, offer a couple drinks and snap a crapload of pictures of your car ...

    I'm kinda a picture freak ... so yes, I'm pretty anal about it, and I do carry a camera with me at all times! A small 5MP Sony. Works great for those "nice place here, I'll park here, and take a couple pics" moments. Keep the SLR with foot long lens for special occasions :)

    I re-read my post (this is very rare! lol)... and it actually was pretty a$$-holish. So there. I apologize, and hope this post here is more constructive. :)

    I'll try to photoshop your car on a nice location. Will be cheaper than getting stuck on the beach. :)

    PS : AJ - I try to improve the "not saying the right things". For example ... I didn't reply to your Murci thread ;) ... oops ... does that count as "not saying the right thing"? :D

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