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Beautiful Murcielago...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 134282, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Aside from the black on black Murcielago i saw last year (which happened to be the first one i ever saw in person), i think this is the most beautiful one i have seen... Very tasteful interior color combination, exterior, wheels and calipers... It was a real pleasure to see...
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  3. I agree, very beautiful, and fantastic pictures!
  4. great pics NNO, the coloured centers go perfectly with overall look of the car! It's alot better than some of the "blinged" chrome rims that I have seen on most custom Murcielagos, I wonder how much it costs? Again, awesome pics (stop stealing all my angles ;)) lol jk!

  5. This looks like a speeder's Murcielago - stealth paint job and all - awesome :)
  6. I feel like I want to like it, but I can't. The paint by itself is nice, the wheels by themselves are nice. But together, the color combo doesn't work for me. I'd prefer that the either the wheels and the car gets darker or the wheels approach silver/gray. Just my .02 But I do love the interior.
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  8. I love it.
  9. Are the wheels from the 40th Aniversary Edition? I think those ones are that colour if im not mistaken.
  10. Uh oh...I think maybe even the ferrari-lover posterboy is converting!!! NNO....tell the truth, are your Enzo dreams converting to murcielago ones? are those 250 GTOs turning into miuras?:)
  11. That Murcielago looks nice! If i were to have one it would be black/black with black wheels....stealth mode.
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  13. Hey...thats my car!!! it's not. I just rolled over and felt the wet spot!

    Sweet ride, I'm jealous!

  14. SIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHH. You got it made up there man. I sware I am dying to see one in person. I head out of here Saturday and I'll be maybe 2 1/2 hours west of you. YOU KNOW I AM GOING TO CALL!!!!
  15. Doug, black/black with black wheels sounds perfect... :)

    LOL, never happen... Ferrari For Life, baby...
  16. NNO- thats ridiculous;) god bless you tho!
  17. Hey, theres always room for a Raging Bull on the other side, right?

    And a V12 emblem on each shoulder?
  18. LOL, Ferrari For Life...!!! Next tattoo should be Ken Okuyama's face on my back, since he's the dude who designed the NNO... :) i don't think i could go through with that, though...

    Jordan, not much room on the left shoulder and just slightly more room on the right shoulder... No bull on the back or anywhere else; i love Lamborghinis... i think they're awesome, beautiful, fast, exotic, wonderful machines - but they just don't do it for me like Ferraris do...

    As an aside, though, i'd love an all black, flat atlas tattooed across the back of my shoulders one day... :)
  19. how come you dare to write Miuras and GTO's in the same sentence?
    Miura is by far the most beautiful automobile ever.
    while GTO's are overrated by some guys (.....) who show a lot a respect for it just because they learned their prices at Christies or something.otherwise it would be just another Vintage Italian car.
    anyone else agrees?
  20. Lucas, keep posting and linking us to pictures you've taken (preferably of NNOs) and i'll leave your angles alone... :D

    Miura Jota, though i disagree with your statement, i have input i'd like to add to what you've said and i think it would make for a great discussion... i'd love for you to start a separate thread, maybe in the vintage forum...
  21. This is the best color combo I've seen on a Murciélago this far.
  22. A Lambo should be wild and radical. Black doesn't do it, and neither does the gray or whatever color it is. Thats just my biased opinion of course. YELLOW,ORANGE,LIME GREEN, BRIGHT BLUE, even PURPLE.........Throw in a red also.
  23. LOL, a yellow Diablo Roadster would be my favorite, but the design of the Murcielago is too sleek to not be complimented VERY well by a darker, more subtle color combination, like black on black... in my humble opinion, of course... :)

    You get those add-ons yet...?
  24. ****za! Love those wheels.

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