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Beautiful Gallardo at DC area dealership

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by WCH, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. FWIW, stopped by Criswell Automotive, a suburban Maryland Lambo dealership (though they are not continuing as a Lambo dealer). Anyway, apparently one of their customers traded in a beautiful dark charcoal gray metallic Gallardo w/6 speed, 300 mi, yellow calipers and black interior w/yellow seat highlights - to my eye, a great looking car. Story is that the guy who ordered the car decided he wanted a Murci instead, and bought a yellow Murci off Criswell's showroom floor.

    I have no affiliation with Criswell, never have bought anything from them, don't know much about them, just admired the car and thought someone here might be in the market for that combination. The Lambo guy is named "Tom."
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  3. cool i didnt know they would have a gallardo in stock
  4. I remember seeing the yellow Murcie on the showroom floor from a little while back, but haven't driven past there lately. Gonna have to break out the digital camera this weekend and hopefully get some snapshots of it :D
  5. A friend called me from there the other day saying they had an orange one, a black one and a yellow one at the dealership. I couldn't swing by but he said they looked great. I need to go check them out as well. I guess they must have been sold already but I will check out the trade in. Did you take it for a drive Will?
  6. No test drive, it was late and my wife wanted to get home. I didn't see the yellow and orange cars; I had the feeling they'd been delivered already, but I'm not sure. Wish I had taken the drive, though.

    Biggest surprise: the car looked much smaller than I'd anticipated, based on having seen a lot of Murcis. I had thought the car would more closely resemble the Murci.

    I hope someone picks up the franchise in DC; this is a terrible exotic market, from what I can tell.
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  8. I too heard that they were dropping Lambo for several reasons.
    That yllw Murci had been there for quite a while. Glad to hear that its 'on the road'.
  9. Why are they planning on dropping Lambo? It doesn't seem like a big deal to have 3 or 4 cars around to a huge car dealer like Criswell. This is a bad market for exotics though. I would bet 95% of the lambos they sell go out of state. To bad this town is so stuffy!
  10. Are there any other service shops for Lambos in the Maryland/DC area?
  11. I just stopped by Criswell a few minutes ago on my way back to DC and I didn't see the Gallardo anywhere on the lot or in the showroom either so I didn't get any pics :(. It's possible it was in the back in the shop getting prepped too. They did have one of those SSR trucks sitting out front though, but that wasn't worth even turning the camera on. :) I'll have to stop by sometime this week or next weekend and see if the Gallardo is still there.
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  13. They may have sold the black one already. I believe the Lambo salesmen are Tom or Neil, you might want to call them before stopping by. Sorry you missed it, if it's gone.
  14. Prestige Imports also has an orange Gallardo on their showroom floor. They're a few miles west of Baltimore. They always seem to have some interesting cars. But you're right, the DC area is horrible for exotics from what I can tell..



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