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Beautiful 6.0 for sale!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. My friend is selling his 6.0. I told him I would post it here. I inspected the car and drove it before he purchased , and it is flawless. If you want a 6.0 at a GREAT price, check it out. This is his ad:

    2001 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO, Privately owned,titanium/gray, rear camera,mp3 plyr,GPS Nav, Unbelievable cond.16,700 miles.Bought from lambo dlrship 2 mos ago.Exterior is pristine,interior is complete with carbon fiber. New Clutch, fluids changed, new tires.NEEDS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.One of the most reliable exotics out there.Looking for quick sell.Have all books.Very rare to find a 6.0 in this condition.No bad history.Check lambo forums and chat rooms.The best deal on an almost new 6.0, the last year before Audi took over. Run carfax, absolutely nothing wrong with car.Email me for pics.Will give you contact of the dlrshp that sold vehicle to me-Authorized lamborghini, super reputable dlrship.Never abused.Need to make room for new car.Open to PPIs.Asking 161K but make an offer.Will not find a lower priced 6.0 with this history and options and in this condition.Please send emails to: will not be on the market for very long. Serious inquiries call: 973-844-9731 or 323-662-2561 otherwise email me for general questions.
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  3. That Diablo is perfectly priced, in fact a bargain, for the condition and miles. It won't last long!

  4. "Paging Tom Pham, line 1... Tom Pham, line 1..."
  5. It pains us all here to see this kind of cars always come up in your side of the world at the price and condition this car is being offered. In our country, it is very difficult to find one.

    My brother has been looking for a Countach LP500, if I'm not wrong, forever and could never find one. He thinks there are probably only two or three here.

    Nice car BTW.
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  7. ryan, i actually like the color as it is a bit subtile...for a lambo.

    i am getting more and more fond of these cars and am seriously wrestling w/ the idea of getting one. thank you for posting this car and giving me some idea of where the market is.

  8. It depends how people drive them. Ive seen clutches on the last 80k miles but the driver knew how to drive the car the. Ive heard of the clutches lasting 300miles becasue the driver would rest his foot on the clutch instead of the dead pedal!
  9. I find that to be priced high personally...No offense to anyone lol

  10. The 6.0 are in the 175k range. An orange one sold for 189k in the beginning of the month.
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  12. I have one with 600 miles for 180... the car is still on MSO open title...
    and alot of people have told me im asking too much!

  13. a new 6.0 for $ really is a value compared to what people are willing to pay for a mass produced 360.

    it is simply beyond me.
  14. The first owner didnt know how to drive it.
  15. I think its right on the money, based on what Ive seen sell lately. But 600 miles, on a 4 year old car..........what color?
  16. Ditto on the color.
  17. Try putting it on Ebay or the Dupont. Its very hard to find a Diablo and a later year even harder
  18. Hey Everyone, that's my car!! Thanks for the shout out AJ. Yeah AJ took a look at it for me before I bought it. Chris Constantin from Lambo of Atlanta sold it to me. I'm pretty sure he'll be able to answer any one's questons if he has the time.

    Nothing is wrong with it, I'm making room for another vehicle. Email me with any questions, or post them up, I'll answer 'em.
  19. Whatcha getting? :)
  20. another lambo, but don't want to jinx it by giving out the details just yet.

    A new 6.0 for 180 is awesome. What color? please post some pics!
  21. Its yellow on Black with yellow piping.

    Ill post pics!

  22. I feel bad i think i just hijacked someones thread...Sorry

  23. lol. No problem John. Warren asked you to post pics!!
  24. John,

    $180k is not too expensive. For that car in that color with the miles you can get $180-$185k.

  25. ah man.., thanks to JT, I won't ever sell my car now. j.k. I'm still asking 20K cheaper or better yet best offer. That's like a discount of $1000 per extra mile on this car. You can't lose on my deal, it's got the AJ seal of approval plus all those little stuff like rear camera, MP3 player, anyways, the stock speakers still suck.
  26. both nice cars. Warren on yours have you or "they" painted the front nose part...not sure what you call it, but the part right under the vents on each side. Normally black and yours look body color.

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