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Beautiful 1999 Diablo Alpine Edition For Sale

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jakopyan, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. If anyone is looking for a beautiful Diablo, this is it. Check it out. Call John with questions (818) 445-0699.
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  3. Can you please let us know if this is a SV or VT, and how many miles are on her!
  4. Was that car stolen from Luigi ? LOL

    That car is a VT for sure. The easiest way to spot the SV; is to look for
    the twin air intakes above the engine.
  5. what's the differences between VT and SV other than performance?
  6. Only 8 or so Alpine editions world wide????
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  8. I believe there are 12 produced for the world.
  9. Also, the vt is all wheel drive whereas the sv is rear wheel drive only.
  10. This car has 10500 miles. Built in radar detector, dvd player, cd changer, navigation system, rear view camera, Borla exhaust, chrome wheels, special carpeting done by Alpine.
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  12. That is a VT.

  13. VT ~ four wheel drive. More weight.

    SV ~ a more sport oriented car. ie.. more fun !!!
    Customer can also special order different gears
    for maximum acceleration. You could probably
    also do this on the VT; if you really pushed the
    issue. I am talking about stock factory ordered
    new cars.
    SV - Cold air intakes.
    SV missing fog lights (at least on 98). I am not
    sure on 99.
    SV American model. 98 had 508 bhp. I "think"
    the VT had 492 bhp ? I am not positive on the
    98 VT. The early VT's did have 492 bhp mills.

    There are other differences also.

    Check out Lamborghini Cars on the web. They
    will give you alot of information.

  14. Ralph, U.S. 98+99 Sv identical motor 530hp.
  15. i'd rather have a monteray edition :D
  16. VT stands for viscous traction right?
    Well what does SV stand for?

  17. I know you would say that. LOL

  18. Sport Veloce
  19. Thanks man.
  20. Beautiful automobile. What's the price range for Diablo VT's?
  21. What years are you looking for ?

    They were around from 1994-1999. + technically the Diabolo 6.

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