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Batman Drives a Lamborghini!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by dream cars, May 5, 2004.

  1. Ok Batman drives the Batmobile but, Bruce Wayne has Alfred scoot him around town well not anymore. As some of you are aware the new Batman movie is being filmed as we speak. And Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is cruzing around Gotham in a Murci Roadster. Check out the Pics below from the set.
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  3. bruce wayne wouldn't drive a murci roadster. gimmeabreak. he's WAY more conservative than that and absolutely not a flashy kinda guy. plus, he's got the batmobile to enjoy, which in theory kicks the pants off any production sports car.

  4. hey, dont shoot the messenger. from what I can gether they are retelling the origins of Batman, from when he first inherits the wayne fortune. Also the batmobile everyone is comenting about is a prototype that bruce builds when he starts fighting crime. so think of him starting of with a hummer and ending up with a sleek batmobile later on.
  5. when you go to click on the bat logo to see the batmobile and click on the pic of the batmobile to see Bale as BATMAN!!!!!!!
  6. VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. I'm saddened about the whoring out of the Batman character; not that Bale's a bad actor, but 4 actors in 5 movies is sad - and the last two were a shame.

    I agree with Doody though, he'd be more of a Bentley driver, or, a Cadillac Sixteen. That has the Gotham look.

    That Murci does look great though.
  9. Awesome, batman is finally driving instead of getting driven around by alfred. Anyone know when the it's supposed to come out (the movie)?
  10. I think it was the last Batman movie, Batman Forever which was a tremendous cowpile but the Bat garage held a Jag D type, 427 Cobra, & lots of other goodies.

    Bruce is a millionaire, batchelor, Murcielago spyder sounds perfect. I'd get 1 if I wasnt infatuated with the F40
  11. Speaking of which, you gotta stop dinking around with ideas of Porsche kit cars and mock 250 GTO's and just get an F40 already! ;-)
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  13. Great idea for the Caddy Sixteen. I can imagine that perfectly.
  14. And on that note ... my vote for favorite Batman BY FAR, was Michael Keaton. Who's with me?

    Bill in Brooklyn
  15. Agreed! Even though he was a small guy (he's only what, 5"9-10"), Keaton captured the dark angst of the character the best IMO. Clooney, although good in other roles like Oh Brother, was too much of a flashy poseur James Bond BW.
  16. definitely keaton.

    i totally dig the caddy sixteen. he'd definitely buy american.

  17. I think the Cadillac Sixteen would be an even better car for a villain in the movie.
  18. agreed
  19. Yup, Caddy sixteen, good call.

    Do we have a quorum? Can we call the studio and make the change? :)
  20. Caddy 16, POSITIVE! :)

    is that tank looking thing the Murci?! I don't think so but ya never know :D
  21. it's time for you all english speakers to recall what MURCIELAGO means: spanish for BAT. so it makes a lot of sense . BATMAN = HOMBRE MURCIELAGO
  22. This batmobile could use a vanity plate though...maybe something like 'WAYNE 1' or 'BLCKBRD' (black bird)...
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  24. Norm,

    You are from Illinois as well. Is it just me or do the Gotham plates look like reject plates of our Land of Lincoln new ones?

  25. As it is a Murcielago Roadster and they have not started production yet, Lamborghini probably wanted the car in the film as publicity. Perhaps that was the motivating factor in choosing a Lambo.

    Also, Bale should do a good job with the film. The film is trying to go back to the dark roots and good storyline of the original batman movie and comics, not the campy movies of late.

    Anyone know when it will be out?
  26. June 2005 from what ive read.
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