AWESOME ~ We got our own room. Where do we put the disco ball ? | LamborghiniChat

AWESOME ~ We got our own room. Where do we put the disco ball ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, May 20, 2004.


    We got our own place. Where are we going to put the disco ball and tiger rugs ?
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  3. I couln't be happier a place on F-chat for everyone.
  4. This is more than cool!!Thanks Rob.
  5. Hey guys, I'm here!
  6. Hey Ryan,a chain around the neck and a stripper on your arm is a mandate!!
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  8. Hey Ryan:

    You will have to do better than that; if you want to run with the big dogs.
  9. Start the party, and let the Bull fly.... :)
  10. I like that.I copied your picture too!!
  11. Don't hate on the Flipmode Murcie!
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  13. Ryan, please tell me there is no raging bull tattoo under all that hair.
  14. Oh yeah!?

    Model photos from Exotic Car World
  15. Pic #1 hello, we don't need fake lambos here ;)

    Pic #2 middle girl reminds me of the ugly tall girl from Saved by the Bell, yuck.

    Pic #3, now this is a hottie. She looks dirty, slutty, and has the sultry look in her eyes. Fits the car perfectly, though a more exotic color on the car would be nice.

    Pic #4, Ummm whats wrong with her legs? Looks like an ugly plastic toy.

    Pic #5, her body is good, but face looks like a white Dennis Rodman. She looks like someones wife of a few years that is trying hard to look good. As Stern would say, she is a "butherface."

    And Ryan, should you even have such pictures on your harddrive ..LOL :D
  16. Your in buddy!!You have earned a spot.Now take a lawnmower to the chest hair and we'll be cool.
  17. She does look like Dennis Rodman!!Ryan,your out again.Sorry.
  18. Ryan, please don't tell me these are pictures of your accountants!! (see AJ's post from last night if you don't get it)
  19. Why, yes.
  20. LMAO!!
  21. Same Chick! She just curled her hair one day. Same swim suit too, you'd think she could buy another. Strangely, she's in my profile pic too....

  22. Ugly in both pictures, regardless of hair. ;)
  23. Uh oh. It does look like Dennis Rodman.
  24. I respectfully disagree!
  25. cool place , ill hang out and keep the beat up 308 out back, id love a carb countach in a few years!!! long live carbs!!!!!!!!

  26. I didn't think married people were allowed to voice their opinions :eek: :D ;)

    And if you think she is hot, you shouldn't be allowed in this room or any other room in fact. I think the loneliness up north is clouding your vision. :D What is next, you will be telling us Carbon is the hot model of the month? :eek:
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