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Aventador...anyone owned one?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 09Scuderia, Jun 30, 2015.

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  3. I am considering plates for our eventual Aventador...how about 'subtle'
  4. why not just go all out and buy an SV version?
  5. Honestly, the added performance would be wasted on me. Additionally, I think the standard Aventador looks better....
  6. +1 on the standard looking better
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  8. +1
  9. all these cars have more performance than most (99%) of us can handle.

    the SV is more unique and exclusive. get it!!
  10. would require a 'renegotiation' with my wife.... :)

    Will give you guys feedback after tomorrow.
  11. Do these have a dct? Or do you have to get a 2015? I would prefer dct.
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  13. Nope..Lambo has their own version of a single clutch. DCT would certainly be easier for daily use.
  14. Its single clutch
    Aventador facelift is under development and it will be launch some time after the SV roadster, It would be a big step in terms of GT feel,a more refined car (as the huracan is for the gallardo)
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    458 feels lighter and easier to maneuver . The flying doors of the Aventador are intoxicating . But we are not comparing apple to apple , as the latter is much more expensive .
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  16. Congrats!It's an amazing car.Can you put some photos?
  17. Hi Guys,

    Austin to Dallas and back again....6 hours round trip to test drive an Aventador Roadster.

    Believe we found *the* car. Wife loved it as well.

    Quick summary:

    Like many of you I have been lucky enough to have owned (and own) many fantastic cars. Scuderia, 570-4, GT3-RS and non-RS etc.

    Bottom line on the Avantador:
    I thought I knew what an exotic car was..I was wrong.
    I thought I knew what a hypercar was...I was wrong.
    Supercars vs Hypercars - What are Hypercars? - Zero To 60 Times
    I thought I knew what it was like to drive something truly otherworldly...I was wrong.

    The Aventador is so beyond what I would of expected that I am nearly speechless. I honestly didn't expect there to be that much of a difference between my previous 'super cars' and the AV.
    Literally night and day.

    Other than then INSANE price there was nothing we didn't love.

    Many believe the dual clutch is superior to the single. From a daily drivers perspective that is true. From an 'occasion' perspective the DCT dulls the edges from man and machine synergy.

    The only potential problem is that this car will totally reset my expectations for any future cars.

  18. Yeah, one.

    Why isnt it already in your driveway ? what're u waiting for :)
  19. working out the details.....

  20. I just looked at their website. Are you buying the blue roadster?

  21. +1
  22. The blue one is the current target. There are 3 others across the US that I am going to explore as well.
  23. Well said....u got me thinking!
  24. I had an aventador too. Best car I ever drove

    Amazing car and great value for what the car is.
  25. You said you HAD an Aventador...care to share you ownership experience..why did you sell it?
  26. Amazing car!
    Just make sure you get rear parking cam.
  27. a few more details from my time with the Aventador today. Memory aided by a glass of wine :)

    - When first sitting in the car it feels intimidating.
    - Instant sensory overload the second the car is started.
    - You can't see the corners. Scary.
    - You can't see if there is a car in your blind spot along the side. Acute use of mirrors required.
    - The seating position is reclined more than expected. Not an complaint as the overall ergonomics were excellent.
    - Its LOUD. Allow me to say that again as my ears are still ringing...the car is LOUD.
    - Some call this a GT car. Its not. GT cars are comfortable long distance cruisers. I would not want to take this on a long distance drive.
    - The sounds the car makes are like nothing I have ever heard. Youtube videos don't capture the true user experience. The sound alone is reason enough to take the plunge.
    - Build quality is incredible. Having owned many Ferrari's I appreciate the differences in quality..paint quality especially.
    - Its pukingly fast. SO fast I had to catch my breath. 0-60 in less than 3 seconds aside..the acceleration from 50-70 is divine.
    - The attention the car gets will take some getting used to. With the tops off one better be in a very extroverted mood for all the attention coming your way.
    - When driving the car for 5 minutes it starts to feel small. I have no idea why. After a short drive I felt connected and no longer intimidated. This surprised me.

    I loved it. Its the car I have been dreaming about and trying to find in other cars...nothing comes close. Maybe a Pagani or a La Ferrari, P1, 918. Of course those steeds are a snitch more cash. Like a million...and then you have to find one for sale.

    Interested side notes.

    - I still have no sense of this market in terms of asking vs selling. Anyone know of any real world recent sold Aventadors?

    - Interesting tidbit. Average Aventador owner keeps the car for less than 18 months. I understand that automotive ADD is common in this segment.
  28. Did you see the yellow 50th there? Awesome looking car. Good luck with the search.

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