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  1. I had to "borrow" this avatar its so good
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  3. If I was a guessing man I bet Ellen has his hand in that somehow.
  4. Whats he doing? Kneeing the horse?
  5. Lol! That is very funny.

    PS Why dont you edit it to the other way around :)

  6. Thats a good idea, ill have to try that. But i cant take credit for making this one, remember just "borrowing" it.
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  8. That's my work!
  9. Hey it is the L/F-Talk website maker!
  10. Jay also made 6speedonline right? Or am I being stupid...again...
  11. The "dancing" avatar that i was "borrowing" was swiped off from apparently being offensive or something. Or no gifs in the rules aparently but i've seen some other gifs around. Geez no sense of humor.
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  13. I'm not being snide, rude or commenting with an edge to my "voice," but honestly: What did you expect?
  14. Hi Allan
    Your avatar which showed Lambo bending Ferrari over puzzles me.
    How does Lambo bend Ferrari over?
    Lambo has NEVER won a major race of any kind. Indeed it's Murcie GTR lost last weekend in a minor FIA race in Spain to 2 550's.
    No Lambo will EVER sell for the amount that collector Ferrari's do.
    The Murcie six speed has very poor clutch feel and no interior storage and both 6 speeds and Egears are pileing up unsold. The SE Murcie's are even less successful.
    Gallarado's aren't hot sellers either and can be had in abundance for MSRP; something that the 360 6 years after it's introduction can't.
    The egear Gallardo has major problems and the internet is replete with unhappy owners several who are returning them as lemons because they are unable to make it up their steep driveways due to their too tall 1rst. gear and baulky egear.
    VW will probably never sell the number of Lambo's they hoped to and are already using or planning to use the Gallardo's platform (Badge engineering) in the Audi LeMans Quattro and the baby Bugatti which shows how little they care about Lambo's Heritage as a ground breaking supercar mfg. (Muria,CT, Diabilo) .
    IMHO it's VW who's bending over Lambo.
  15. Well said James. The last great Lambo was the 6.0 IMO. But I admit I have a place in my heart for the classic....
  16. Whats pathetic here is you think Im allen feidler. Give me a break! All that over a stupid avatar.
  17. Dear Napolis,
    I greatly amire your posts here and very much appreciate your knowledge of racing, current car models and past ones. If they would take my blood sample and analize it, they would find prancing horses. I love my 360 and would/will buy the replacement sight unseen as I'm on "The List". I drove a Gallardo E-gear and Murcielago 6 speed 2 weeks ago and found the Murcie simply awsome. The Murcielago I drove had a very good clutch feel, but the car only had 100 miles on it. Would I sell or trade my 360 in order to get one, no. Please straighten me out as I found the Murcie absolutely stunning. It appears that it will produce F-50 stats or very close.
    What I don't understand is how people here can personally attact each other. I don't know if it's owners or possers. Thanks again, I'm awaiting your knowledgeable reply. HELP!!!
  18. Dave
    I like the Murcie very much. For the $ esp. as for what you can buy one for I think it's a lot of car. My problem with the clutch was that I felt it was over hydro assisted giving it a, for my taste, too linear and soft feel. My other problem is lack of interior storage which as I like to use my non collector cars for long trips wouldn't work for me.
    There are MANY wonderfull cars. One is not "Better" than another. It's what you like and a Murcie IMHO is worth the extra $ over a Gallardo. Only you can deceide whether you want a 360 or a Murcie. If you're lucky enough to have both than it's IMHO a no brainer.
  19. No one's equating you with ALF.
    You posted it in good humor, so the break was - you didn't get trounced for bad judgment...
    because it was a "stupid avatar."

    Don't take it personally or defensively - in your defense, the old defense - "it seemed like a good idea at the time" is the best defense.

    As they say... Fugidaboudit.

  20. wow.. nice pix
  21. People like you give other Ferrari owners a bad name.

    First you call the guy Allen because he's making a joke about Ferrari/Lambo that you dont like.Next youre gonna call me Allen.

    Second,who cares if Lambo hasnt won a whole lot racing,those are race cars not street cars and comparing the street cars,Lambo has had them beat for a long time.Ford dominated Ferrari in racing,does that make them better?

    Third,you may not like the clutch of a Murci but others do including myself.Gallardo's arent piling up,people are trying to flip them for profit.Only problem being Audi is releasing as many as they can to saturate the market instead of BS'ing around like Ferrari has with the 360.The E-gears are in need of a software reflash but as I recall there have been numerous reflashes of Ferrari's F1 as well.Not to mention early problems with timing sensors.

    And finally,isnt the new Maser based off the Enzo platform?Im sure there are more to come in the future.The 4.2 in the Maser making its way into the 360 replacement comes to mind.

    The close-mindedness you show just does wonders for your kind.Its one thing to be brand loyal and defensive of your marquis but next time try not to make yourself look better by putting someone else down.I thought you were smarter than that.

  22. Joe
    It's Alan's avatar. He uses it proudly. He, Lotustt and you may feel Lambo bend's over Ferrari. I don't.
    You may not care about Lambo's lack of racing heratige I do.
    As for the new Ford GT it's clearly better than a 360 by 7 seconds at Luguna.
    You may not care about that as well. I do.
    As I already have an original I really don't want a new one but if I didn't have an original I'd buy a Ford GT over a 360 or a Gallardo. Other's wouldn't, who cares?
    Gallardo's are piling up, and Murcies remain unsold, that is fact.
    360's six years after introduction are still hot, by no means as hot as they've been, but still much hotter sellers than Gallardo's. That is not caused by Ferrari's "BS" it is caused by supply and demand. Very few can walk into a Ferrari dealer and buy a new 360 at MSRP. without wait.
    Anyone can walk into a Lambo dealer and buy a new Murcie or Gallardo at msrp. without wait.
    The Gallardo isn't a software problem it's a too tall first gear problem. They'll probably fix it. 360 F1's have had problems as well. No question.
    Are all Ferrari's hot sellers? Nope.
    The fact that you like the feel of the Murcie's clutch and aren't bothered by the lack of interior storage space is a reason you should buy it, not a reason I or others should buy it.
    Hey I said that I think the Murcie is much more car than a 360 and if I liked the clutch and it had more interior storage space I'd buy one.
    Of course the MC12 is based on the Enzo. I could have bought an Enzo but I didn't like the way it looked. I like the way the MC12 looks and if they make a US legal version of it I'll be getting one.
    That's the point. Make yourself happy. That's what I do.
  23. Im sorry if Ive come acroos as brash.Im just sick and tired of all the Lambo bashing that goes on as soon as someone makes a Ferrari joke.Its always the same song and dance and a new one pops up every other day over here.

    You prefer a car with storage,I dont.You prefer a marquis that builds race cars,hires the best drivers and wins. "Win on Sunday,sell on Monday "comes to mind.Thats why they dump so much money into racing programs. I prefer a marquis that builds a supercar for the street(where I drive)

    If you had some problem with Allan,let it go.He will not be back.I dont have a problem with anyone here in particular.In fact,the whole reason Im here is to join the ranks and own a Ferrari to go with my 6.0

  24. Joe
    I have no problem with Alan. I think he's a real car guy. We disagree about various things but as I've said so what?
    I think it's great that you and he drive cars that you love. That's all that matters. (re cars). In life all that really matters are friends and family. The rest is bullshi t.
  25. Whats amazing now is becuase of an avatar that i got a kick out of for a day and "borrowed" for a day now means that you know exactly what I think, believe and what I like, incredible! Its a stupid avatar, get over it. YOu implied that I must be allen with how you started your long banter. I take offense to that, alan is alan im me. I like all kinds of cars and can appreciate all kinds of cars. I dont have blinders on and an avatar does not make or break someone, Please!!!
  26. FYI, 'Napolis is perhaps one of the chief proponents of "Don't have your blinders on."

    No need to get defensive or attack, is there? No matter what a car looks or performs like, it's got to be able to do the basics, like get up a driveway, parking garage or ramp. Wouldn't hurt to be able to carry a few items around without the driver looking like a *schlep, either. It is often said that Lamborghini is an exotic street car without much of a racing history in it's forty years. Lamborghini afficionados who have blinders on brush this off as unimportant. Hpwever, it is important to some people who take blinders off and examine every facet, historical, contemporary or otherwise. That's a taste of what the likes of 'Napolis and/or myself are simply stating - in more ways than one, the avatar - no matter who uses it or where - is mistaken in it's "message." If nothing else, considerate it an education.
  27. I disagree.The avatar in question is of a bull screwing a horse.It was meant as a jest that Lambo is sticking it to Ferrari.If you want to beat around the bush you may but you know as well as I that every Lambo today outperforms the comparable Ferrari.Dont worry you will always have your race cars to fall back on.Maybe create an Avatar to show Shumi sticking it to ...well...umm...I dont think Lambo competes against Ferrari in F1.Ohh well.It was funny.Har har.

  28. ooohhhhh..my aching head.....

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